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Blizzard Ganks Botting Software Company

Let me guess… we all┬álove bots, right? Those programs that automated your character for leveling, farming, BGs, and whatever? Set up a program and AFK your way to honor, loot, and glory, right? Right? Ok, ok, stop with the rotten tomatoes already. It looks like Blizzard got the courts to agree that there was a large, deliberate “interference with contract” violation or somesuch going on. As a result a company which made $300k selling botware now gets to pony up $7 million to Bliz. Blizzard wins $7M judgment in World of Warcraft bot lawsuit Blizzard Entertainment has prevailed in a…

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Has WoW Killed Off the Other MMOs?
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Has WoW Killed the MMO Genre?

Every time a new MMO is released a bunch of people hop onto their soapboxes and announce that it’s the New WoW Killer. It’s the game that will put World of Warcraft on it’s massive butt, blah blah blah. Naturally they’re wrong and naturally all those games have either died or become pretty much “free to play.” So here’s a different tale on the question, from The Escapist: Has WoW Has Killed the MMO Genre? The boss of new MMO Firefall thinks that World of Warcraft made MMOs “too accessible.” “Sometimes I look at WoW and think ‘what have we…

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Has Your Account Been Hacked?
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WoW Hackers Steal Millions in Gold

This popped up on Yahoo News a few days ago. WoW Hackers Steal Millions in Gold The issue came to light on June 22, when a user named “Abidah” realized that almost 200,000 gold pieces had disappeared from his account for three unauthorized purchases in the game’s Auction House,. He posted his plight on the Blizzard forums, where other users shared similar experiences. Blizzard investigated, and discovered that while “World of Warcraft” itself had not been compromised, its Web and mobile Auction House apps had. On June 23, Blizzard acknowledged the hack. “We have taken the Web and Mobile Auction…

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