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Top 10 Ways To Get Leveled Faster

I asked the question “How Fast Did You Level?” in a G+ World of Warcraft Community. (Here it is. If you’re on G+ you can join that community here.) I have received some interesting responses, such as getting from 1-90 in 23 hours (or less.) That’s rather mind boggling to me, so I asked and received some details. Here is what I was told: I farm the elixirs of wisdom ( +300% xp ) and I do not use RaF. (These Elixirs are going to take some time to farm.) LvL 1-10 took about 22 minutes with heirlooms and the…

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Beef Up Your Arms Warrior – 8 Steps to Maximum Damage!

If you’ve been disappointed with your raid damage recently follow these eight simple steps to pump your warrior up! 1. Learn the proper rotation! Check our Arms warrior guide. 2. Your weapon is what will make the largest difference in your DPS. So if you are too low ilvl (item level) to queue for LFR or just unlucky with weapon drops, then PvP till you can get an honor point weapon (ilvl 498). If you have better than 498 weapon then just keep doing LFR/Flex raids and skip to the next step. 3. LFR/Timeless Isle/PvP for gear. Try to get…

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Ten Tips to Earning More Gold in WoW

How is it that a level 85 character has all of 43 gold to his name??? Someone is seriously lagging in the acquisitions dept, or they’re spending everything they make on mounts, pets, toys, and so on. Now, high levels aren’t necessary to do this. Obviously, if you’re going to be doing dailies, crafting, etc., you’ll want to be high level. Just be aware that even if you’re under level 10 you can still do well. Very very well. See this post on how I was able to accumulate over 6k gold after starting from absolute zero, in 30 days….

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