Sep 242013
Monk patch 5.4 changes

Undead Monk in Fire Charm gearSo what changed for Monks in 5.4? A bunch of little changes and tweaks. A buff or two and a couple of nerfs to things that might have been overpowered anyway. There are no new talents and no talents were eliminated. You gained no new abilities.

Brewmasters might have the biggest changes, with a Keg Smash nerf and the changes to Vengeance.

Scroll through the notes and check out the video, below, which covers all the changes and how they affect you.


  • Spinning Crane Kick now functions like a smart heal, healing the 6 most injured friendly targets within range, and minor guardians are no longer targeted (Wild Imps, Bloodworms, Snakes from Snake Traps, etc.). There has been no change to the total amount of healing granted by the ability, it just distrbutes the healing more effectively.

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Sep 192013
Druid Patch 5.4 Changes

So what happened with Druids in patch 5.4? What are the changes, buffs, nerfs, and new abilities?

Patch 5.4 Druid Changes - Worgen Feral Druid, Cat Form

Scroll down, all the notes are posted, with links and some comments. Resto and Balance got the lion’s share of changes, Guardian Druids got nothing spefic to them, and Feral only a bit. But if you’re a Guardian and you tank you will want to pay close attention to the Vengeance changes.

I think Resto Druids will be quite happy, Balance a bit less so. At least both of them get Nature’s Swiftness as a one of their abilities. That’s a nice buff all by itself.

There are more links to info at the bottom of the page. Feel free to like or comment.

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Sep 102013
Destruction of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms

As a part of the plans of one G. Hellscream the Vale of Eternal Blossoms took some damage. This is oneof the reasons the Pandarans would be much happier if the Horde (and Alliance, too) packed their bags and left their lands. Servers went live much earlier than usual after a major patch. I logged in at 10 am Pacific time and there were already a lot of people there. Hopped onto the flying beastie and took a look at the new vale. Click the images for larger views.

The start of the trail of Destruction, the palace is in the distance, out of sight.

vale - path of destruction

Looking towards the palace

center of Destruction

Looking out from the top of the palace

Vale post 5-4

Looking out from the Horde base, palace is to the left, bases are not damaged. 

looking from the horde base

Time to get your gear on and explore the new world.

Sep 072013
Death Knight Patch 5.4 Changes

The Patch 5.4 Death Knight ChangesThe Patch 5.4 Death Knight Changes don’t amount to a whole lot this time ’round. You got some nice buffs, a new talent (Riposte,) Anti-Magic Shell was the only real nerf, and the rest were tweaks. Check the glyphs, there are a couple which you will probably want to use. See below for details.

PvP: Resilience is now 72% and there are some other small changes. Go here for more. As for PvP gear, note that getting the two PvP trinkets gives you a nice Resilience bonus. You call if that’s enough to keep you from equipping a PvE trinket, but there are some pretty crazy PvE trinkets dropping in this patch (PvEexample Vs PvPexample.)

There are some remarks going around about how crazy the trinkets are this patch. The trinkets look like they’ve been fixed (nerfed hard) and are now in line with what you would expect, not that they aren’t pretty nice.
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Sep 062013
The Paladin Patch 5.4 Changes

Why is it that Paladins always seem to get a larger number of changes than the other classes? You’ve got a whole slew of Patch 5.4 Paladin Changes this time around. Most are tweaks, but a few are bigger. Get our your character sheet and start scribbling.

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The Paladin Changes for 5.4


  • Nice change: Sanctity of Battle now also affects the cooldown of Holy Shock.
  • Nuts: Seal of Insight no longer has a chance to restore mana on attacks. Previously it would restore 4% of base mana. For Protection is made up by Guarded by the light, see below, but Holy?
  • Nuts: Turn Evil now has a 15-second cooldown, up from zero, and the glyph is gone (it was: 0 cast time, 8 second cooldown.) A new talent allows it to be used on players (see talents, below.)

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Sep 042013

The Patch 5.4 Warrior Changes are much like those of the other classes. A mixed bag of buffs and other changes. Tanks should take a close look at the 5.4 changes, Arms could spend a glance, and Fury will just mostly yawn. Mostly, Warriors are in a better place with the changes and Bladestorm might even be coming back.

Note that these patch remarks are up to date as of 9/4. They will be updated if there are any changes before or after the 5.4 launch. Note that there may be some significant changes still coming.

The Patch 5.4 Warrior Changes: Contents

General view, Arms, Fury, Protection, Talents, Glyphs, More.


General 5.4 Warrior Patch Notes

Dwarf Fury Warrior, in Colossal Dragonplate Battlegear, ponders the patch 5.4 Warrior changesIn patch 5.2 Defensive Stance‘s damage reduction was nerfed, in 5.3 it was restored (back to 25%,) and in patch 5.4 it has a shorter cooldown. Definitely going in the right direction. Thunder Clap and Deep Wounds were also buffed for all Warriors. (Arms got a buff to DW back in 5.2.) The Arms ability Seasoned Soldier now also reduces the cost of Arms’ Thunder Clap by 10 Rage.

Do you have anger management issues? Your Enrage now triggers from more stuff, specifically it triggers on critical hits from Devastate and Shield Slam in addition to the old triggers. This will increase the value of the Crit stat for all Warriors.

Some small buffs for all Warriors that are nice to see are: Intervene now also breaks roots and snares when used, Hamstring is no longer on a global cooldown (just spam it,) and your Shattering Throw no longer costs rage.

Tired of actually having to equip a shield to use Shield Wall and Spell Reflection? You no longer have to equip that shield. Now the spell functions and generates an image of a shield for you.

Also check out the patch 5.4 PvP changes, the big one of which is the 72% Resilience that all characters get in any PvP situation.


Are you Arms?

As notes above, your Seasoned Soldier now reduces the cost of your Thunder Clap by 10 Rage, in addition to the damage buff that all Warriors got.

Several classes had one of their “bread and butter” strikes buffed for more damage and made more expensive to use. In your case Slam now deals 25% more damage, but the Rage cost has been increased by 25% as well. So now you will have harder hitting, but fewer, Slams.

In addition to this Slam buff is a tweak which will make your Area Effect fights a bit more interesting: while Sweeping Strikes is active, Slam will deal 35% of damage done against the primary target to all other enemies within 2 yards, and targets already affected by Colossus Smash receives 10% more damage. Sweeping Strikes also causes melee attacks to strike that additional nearby target for 75% of the initial damage (up from 50%.) You Colossus Smash + Slam combo will hurt the other guy a bit more than before.

If you took the Bladestorm talent you now deal 180% of weapon damage (up from 120%.)


Are You Fury?

Well, you didn’t get much of anything specific to you this patch. Titan’s Grip now works with polearms, wow. Major buffage there, right?


Are You Protection?

There are some changes that you’re going to like. Your Revenge now generates more Rage (20, up from 15 Rage previously.) This is in addition to the 5.2 buff: “The base damage of Shield Slam and Revenge has been increased by 150%, but these abilities now scale approximately 10% less efficiently with attack power.”

It looks like Crit will be a lot more interesting in patch 5.4 for Protection: Your get a new abilityRiposte, which is a passive ability learned by Protection Warriors at level 76. When the Warrior dodges or parries any attack, they gain 75% of their Parry and Dodge as an additional bonus to Critical Strike for 20 seconds.

Your Ultimatum now activates from all critical hits with Shield Slam instead of a flat 30% chance, and the ability will make the next Heroic Strike or Cleave be a critical hit in addition to costing no Rage.This isn’t bad at all.

If you’re the Protection Warrior Tank

Your Vengeance has received several changes and these changes apply to all tanks. Apparently Blizzard doesn’t want tanks to be quite so high up on the DPS lists and maybe felt the system offered too much. Or too much cheese. Something like that. Note, above, that various abilities of yours have been buffed.

First off, any characters in a tanking specialization now generates 40% more threat.  This will make up for various nerfs to the Vengeance ability.

Secondly, you can no longer get massive gains while standing in the fire while battling many mobs. Not as massive, anyway.

  • Vengeance now grants Attack Power equal to 1.5% of the damage taken, down from 1.8% (The tooltip said 2% but it was actually 1.8%.) So now it won’t hit as hard.
  • Tanks no longer receive Vengeance from many persistent area damage effects (standing in the fire) or from missed attacks (dodging and parrying an attack will continue to work as it has before.) This will reduce your DPS somewhat and remove some of the cheese from your game.
  • Vengeance gains from being critically hit have been reduced by 50%. Since you shouldn’t be taking many crits anyway (Unwavering Sentinel) this shouldn’t be a big thing.
  • There are now diminishing returns on Vengeance gains while tanking multiple targets. Each additional target grants progressively less Vengeance. No more powering up by fighting groups.

So as not to affect Challenge Mode leader boards, the above Vengeance changes will not apply there. For Challenge Modes, Vengeance will continue to work as it did in patch 5.3.


The Warrior Talents for Patch 5.4

The Patch 5.4 Warrior Changes extend to some of the talents. A tweak here, a tweak there, and a couple of them are a lot more interesting.

Your Bladestorm (level 60 talent) got some love, in addition to the “immunity to disarm while active” from 5.2 the cooldown has decreased to 60 seconds (down from 1.5 minutes). For Arms Bladestorm now deals 180% of weapon damage (up from 120%,) but for Protection your Bladestorm was nerfed and now deals 160% of weapon damage (down from 240%.)

Your Enraged Regeneration (level 30) talent now instantly heals the warrior for 10% of their total health (up from 5%), and an additional 10% over 5 seconds (up from 5%.) It’s still usable while stunned and the effects are still doubled if you’re enraged. This buff makes the talent a lot more interesting.

Also slightly buffed, your Impending Victory now heals the Warrior for 20% of their maximum health at all times (up from 15% on attack and 20% on kills that yield experience or honor.)

In something that will help with your survival, your Vigilance no longer transfers damage to the Warrior. The talent now reduces amount of damage the target takes by 30% for 12 seconds. In effect it’s a type of defensive bubble. This will be a big help when those crushing hits come in.

Some smaller changes: 

Your level 15 talent Warbringer now roots the target for 4 seconds instead of stunning them for 3 seconds. The 50% reduction to movement speed snare effect for 8 seconds remains unchanged. Glyph of Blitz will now cause Warbringer to root an additional 2 nearby targets.

Bloodbath‘s snare and bleed effects are now two separate debuffs. Clearing one of the effects will no longer remove the other. This should be more interesting for PvP than anything else.

Your Storm Bolt now has a stun duration of 4 seconds (up from 3 seconds), and has an off-hand attack for Fury Warriors. It also does significantly more damage to targets immune to stuns (eg: Bosses, players with an “anti-stun” defense up.)


Warrior Glyphs

New Major Glyphs

  • Glyph of the Executor: Killing an enemy with Execute grants 30 Rage. Now if would only bring back the damage that was removed in patch 5.2 (15% nerf.)
  • Glyph of Impaling Throws: Your Heroic Throw now leaves an axe in the target, which can be retrieved by moving within 5 yards of the target to finish the cooldown of Heroic Throw. This effect will only occur when Heroic Throw is cast from more than 10 yards away from the target. This might be pretty interesting depending on how much you use this ability.

New Minor Glyphs

  • Glyph of the Raging Whirlwind: Whirlwind gives additional Rage over time, but for that time the Warrior no longer generates Rage from auto-attacks.
  • Glyph of the Subtle Defender: Removes the threat generation bonus from Defensive Stance. This will allow DPS to use Def. stance, in dungeons & raids, with no worries about suddenly becoming the tank.
  • Glyph of the Weaponmaster: Shout abilities cause the appearance of the Warrior’s weapon to change to that of a random weapon from their primary bag for a short time.


More 5.4, Warriors, and Stuff

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Sep 022013
Hunter patch 5.4

Patch 5.4 will be landing in your lap very soon (Sept 10 is the announced date.) There are lots of changes, some big, many small. The big change, as you may have heard, is the elimination of Readiness. As with most classes there are quite a few smaller changes. Here’s a rundown of what the patch 5.4 Hunter changes are:

Hunter 5.4 Contents

This page

Our Hunter Guides

Looking towards The Patch 5.4 Hunter Changes (Night Elf in Cryptstalker Armor)


Comments on the Hunter Changes

Patch notes as of 9/13/13.

The biggest change is that your Readiness ability is going away (and will be the cause of much QQing.) Gone, dead, etc. It is not being changed or replaced. While this hurts, it’s probably better for game balance and will prevent Hunter teams from instantly blowing away the opposition in PvP. Another hit is your Deterrence now has two charges which is now on a 3 min cooldown. You will also be able to Disengage a bit more often.

Your old standby, Arcane Shot, now does more damage at a higher cost. If you fire it off with your burst cooldowns you will be hitting that much harder. Two shots do the same damage as three did in patch 5.3. This also gives you an extra global cooldown to play with. It works out to a pretty interesting change it you use it right. Hunters who live by just spamming the thing might be unhappy, till they see how hard it hits.

Binding shot was changed from a talent to an ability (for Marksmanship Hunters at level 30) in patch 5.3, but is now a talent again. It takes the place of Silencing Shot and Silencing shot becomes a Markmanship only ability. So Beastmastery and Survival will no longer be able to use this ability. In its place all Hunters now get an interrupt, Counter Shot, learned at level 22.

Murder of Crows (level 75 talent) was nicely buffed, which makes it definitely worth considering for Survival and Marksmanship. It’s definitely competitive with Blink Strike, the old favorite.

Narrow escape was changed a bit, the webs can now be dispelled as they’re a “nature spell” rather than a physical effect. This will have some effect in PvP, but isn’t a big thing.

Aspect of the Iron Hawk reduces less damage, but Spirit Bond heals more.

Has your pet been feeling a little too dead, recently? Glyph of Mending has been buffed to twice the healing as before.


Hunters in PvP

Even with the various changes, such as the elimination of readiness, Hunters are still strong in PvP. Beastmastery won’t be able to just unload a lot of upfront damage and it won’t be the primary “go to” spec any more (at least until they change something else) and this allows all three specs to be useful and viable. That’s a plus. (There’s lots more on general Hunter PvP at Skill-Capped.)

As noted above your Deterrence has more flexibility in use, Your Arc. shot does more damage, and all Hunters have an interrupt. While your Hunter’s Mark only lasts 20 seconds on players (still 30 on non-players) it’s still enough.

Stampede no longer has its damage reduced outside of Arenas and the Battlegrounds. It will do full damage in any World PvP.

All in all you’re still a great PvP class.


Hunters in PvE

Arcane Shot is now harder hitting and will be less spammy, Deterrence is more flexible, for those times when you really need it again. Explosive Trap was nerfed. Each spec has at least one attack that was nicely buffed.

Stampede no longer has its damage reduced outside of Arenas and the Battlegrounds. This is a pretty big buff if you use Stampede in PvE. A Murder of Crows was also nicely buffed. So you lose Readiness and do more damage otherwise. Now, instead of blowing everything in a massive burst every 5 minutes you will be doing more consistent damage.


The Patch 5.4 Hunter Changes

Tool tips show the 5.4 patch info. For all the official 5.4 patch stuff go here.


  • New! Counter Shot is now a baseline interrupt ability learned by all Hunters at level 22.
  • Dead! Readiness has been removed.
  • Arcane Shot now deals 125% ranged weapon damage (up from 100%) and had its focus cost increased by 50%.
  • Deterrence now has a 3-minute cooldown (up from 2 minutes) but has 2 charges.
  • Disengage now has a cooldown of 20 seconds (down from 25 seconds).
  • Explosive Trap had its overall damage decreased by 30%. Proportionately, more damage has been removed from the initial damage than the periodic effect.
  • Hunter’s Mark now has a duration of 20 seconds while in PvP combat (down from 30 seconds).


  • Revive Pet no longer requires the Hunter to have line-of-sight to their pet.
  • Stampede damage dealt by pets when the ability is used outside of an Arena or Battleground is no longer reduced by 75%
  • The following Hunter pet abilities no longer cost Focus to use: Dash, Dive, and Charge.

Beast Mastery

  • Beast Cleave‘s range has been increased to 10 yards (up from 8 yards).
  • Kill Command damage has been increased by 34%.


  • Aimed Shot now deals 450% ranged weapon damage (up from 350%).
  • Binding Shot is no longer a Marksman Hunter ability and is once again a talent.


  • Explosive Shot damage has been increased by 27%.
  • Explosive Trap no longer shares a cooldown with Black Arrow but can no longer activate Lock and Load.

Orc Hunter bemoans the 5.4 patch changesTalents

  • A Murder of Crows now deals 40% more damage.
  • Aspect of the Iron Hawk now reduces all damage taken by 10%, down from 15%.
  • Glaive Toss no longer initiates auto-attack. (Stick it in a macro with /startattack and you get the old effect.)
  • Lynx Rush‘s damage has been increased by 30%.
  • Narrow Escape‘s root effect is now a nature spell (was a physical spell).
  • Spirit Bond now regenerates 3% of total health every 2 seconds while the Hunter’s pet is active (up from 2%).
  • Wyvern Sting now has a range of 40 yards (up from 35 yards).
  • Removed: Silencing Shot is no longer a talent and is now an ability that replaces Counter Shot for Marksman Hunters.
  • Back again: Binding Shot is no longer a Marksman Hunter ability and is once again a talent.


New Major Glyphs

Major Glyphs

  • Glyph of Mend Pet now has a 100% chance of cleansing 1 Curse, Disease, Magic or Poison effect from the Hunter’s pet on each tick (up from 50% chance).
  • Glyph of Mending now speeds up the periodic effect of Mend Pet to restore health to the pet every 1 second doubling the total amount healed over 10 seconds.
  • Glyph of No Escape now increases the ranged critical strike chance against targets affected by the Hunter’s Freezing Trap by 100% (up from 20% chance).

There are no new minor glyphs

If you’re not yet level 90 you won’t be able to kick Hellscream’s butt in the Siege of Orgrimmarso go here and get leveled fast.

Sep 012013
mage 5.4 patch notes

The biggest change in 5.4 is for the Frost Mage. Your Mastery has changed. You no longer do increased Mastery damage Vs frozen targets. Now, a portion of the damage done by Frost bolt and Frostfire bolt is stored and your next Ice Lance will unleash those icicles. Your pet damage is also increased and various spells were buffed, such as Living BombIce Lance, and your pet’s Waterbolt damage.

Frost did get a nerf, Frostbolt‘s damage has actually been decreased a bit.

Mage Patch 5.4 Contents

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Aug 252013
The Siege of Orgrimmar

Garrosh Hellscream has had it with his Horde (and they feel likewise.) He has made a pact with powers that are far mroe interesting to him and will make a NEW Horde, one far darker than anyone has seen before.

It’s your job to see that that doesn’t happen.

The Siege of Orgimmar

 WoW Insider has a preliminary boss guide: 

In Wrath of the Lich King, we rescued Valithria Dreamwalker. In Cataclysm, we had to contend with Chimaeron. Healers, if you were looking for a signature encounter for Mists of Pandaria, look no further than Malkorok. He’s a former member of the Blackrock orcs who swore allegiance to Garrosh and now acts as bodyguard, chief advisor, and leader of the Kor’kron. In fact, Malkorok is so loyal that he volunteered to be infused with the power of Y’Shaarj.

Read on to find out more about taking down this horde champion!

The blog has a “Getting Ready for 5.4” post

World of Warcraft Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar is almost upon us. To help you prepare, we’ve provided an overview of vital information you need to know so things go smoothly when patch day arrives…

The new patch brings a new raid, many class changes, a new PvP season, and a whole new questing area. It also marks the end of the Battlefield: Barrens event. Read on to learn how you can be best prepared to dive into the adventure when Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar hits.

Class Changes

There are changes coming to every class in Patch 5.4, including glyphs and abilities, as well as alterations to established mechanics like Vengeance. This is an excellent time to head over to the Public Test Realm patch notes to begin familiarizing yourself with what to expect when you log in on patch day. Do keep in mind however that the PTR notes aren’t final, and things could still change before the patch.

Don’t forget to check out Ghostcrawler’s Dev Watercooler: Dissecting Patch 5.4 Class Changes, where the doughty crab drops some knowledge on the reasons behind the class updates you’ll be seeing.

Read the rest: Gearing Up for Patch 5.4

Links to More:

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May 232013

Update for Patch 5.4 says:

PVP Season 14 arrives with Patch 5.4, which means a few different things. First, Season 14 Grievous gear will become available. Elite versions of Season 14 Grievous will also be available as a mark of prestige for players that reach a personal rating of 2,000 and earn 27,000 Conquest Points over the course of the season, and the non-Elite pieces will no longer be a pre-requisite to purchase them. The prior season’s Season 13 Tyrannical gear will be available for purchase with Honor Points, while Season 12 Malevolent gear can now be crafted. Finally, equipping any pair of PvP trinkets from Season 12 or later will grant a 10% reduction in damage taken from other players.

As of Aug 27 patch 5.4 is still in the PTR, but here are the changes that are likely to happen when it goes live on Sept. 10.

  • Base Resilience now reduces damage players deal to others players by 72% (up from 65%). This gives damage (DPS) classes zero reason to gem for Resilience. Remember that PvP Power was nerfed in 5.3 (see below) and that the value of the PvP gems was cut in half in 5.3. They now provide stats at the same rate as Str or Int or Ag.
  • Battle Fatigue now reduces healing for players that are engaged in PvP combat by 55% (up from 45%).
  • Season 14 Grievous gear is now available. (What an awful name, but not as bad as “dreadful.”)
  • Elite versions of Season 14 Grievous are now available as a mark of prestige for players that are able to attain a personal rating of 2000 and earn 27,000 Conquest Points in the current season. Pricing per piece remains the same, but the previous piece requirement has been removed. The Elite gear is just a cosmetic change, the gear isn’t actually “better” than the other gear.
  • Season 13 Tyrannical gear can now be purchased with Honor Points.
  • Season 12 Malevolent gear can now be crafted. For the Crafters: I assume the recipes will have to be researched and that previously learned “Dreadful” recipes will not be upgraded.
  • Equipping any pair of PvP trinkets from Season 12 or later will now grant a 10% reduction in damage taken from other players. Note that this will give players a reason not to use PvE trinkets.

Arena: There’s been various changes to the Arena system. The most important part is that players will no longer need to create or join an Arena team to compete. Similar to the Rated Battleground system, players in a party of the appropriate size (even cross-realm!) can queue for an Arena bracket of the same size as their party (2v2, 3v3, or 5v5).  Go here for more:  Patch 5.4 Arena Update.

Here are the official 5.4 pvp patch notes.

There’ve been some changes to PvP in patch 5.3.

This will change your gearing, gemming, and maybe enchanting choices. It seems to me that this will make high level PvE gear valuable in some PvP situations, if it’s significantly higher level than the PvP gear that you have. Go raiding, get the hot gear, hop into the BGs and be competitive.


  • Resilience has been removed from most PvP gear.
  • All characters now have a base Resilience of 65%.
  • Resilience gems and enchants will continue to be available. PvP gems have been nerfed by 50%. See below.
  • 4-piece PvP set bonus for all Season 12 and 13 armor sets that granted 1000 Resilience now grants 1000 PvP Power instead.

Tauren Paladin in Brutal Gladiator gearPvP Power

  • PvP Power will remain exclusively on PvP gear.
  • PvP Power conversion ratio to obtain 1% damage at level 90 has been changed from 265 to 400. Basically this means that PvP power is worth 2/3 of what it was before. Along with the PvP gem nerf this will give you good reason to use pure stat gems Vs PvP Power gems. Your 160 Int/Ag/Str will be worth much more than the 160 PvP Power on blue gems.
  • PvP Power bonus to healing is now based on class and specialization.
    • Healing specializations (eg: Resto Druid) receive a 100% bonus to healing from PvP Power.
    • Damage specializations (eg: Feral & Balance Druids) for Druids, Monks, Paladins, Priests, and Shamans receive a 70% bonus to healing from PvP Power.
    • All other specializations (eg: Guardian Druid) and classes (including tanking) receive a 40% bonus to healing from PvP Power.

Enchants and Gems

  • The amount of PvP Power and Resilience on gems and Mystic Cogwheel have been reduced by 50%. PvP Gems are now the same value as gems with your primary stats.
  • Glorious Tyranny weapon enchantment now grants 600 PvP Power instead of 400 PvP Power and 200 Resilience. The Res. portion has been eliminated.
  • New weapon enchantment: Bloody Dancing Steel is functionally equivalent to Dancing Steel, shares the same visual effect as Glorious Tyranny, costs a scroll of the base Dancing Steel enchant, and requires a 2200 rating. The only difference is in the visual effect.
  • New weapon enchantment: Spirit of Conquest is functionally equivalent to Jade Spirit, shares the same visual effect as Glorious Tyranny, costs a scroll of the base Jade Spirit enchant, and requires a 2200 rating. The only difference is in the visual effect.

PvP Gear

  • Tyrannical weapons no longer have a conquest-earned prerequisite to purchase them.
  • Tyrannical Gladiator’s Tabard and Tyrannical Gladiator’s Greatcloak are available as new prestige items at 2500 rating for 1000 Conquest Points.
  • Season 13 Tyrannical gear had their item levels increased to ilevel 496, up from ilevel 493. Weapons and shields/off-hand items remain unchanged at ilevel 498.
  • Season 13 Tyrannical Elite gear had their item levels decreased to ilevel 496, down from ilevel 512.


PvP Changes in patch 5.3

A rundown of the 5.3 changes:

Hansol discusses Fire Mage gemming, but this should be applicable to any class and spec.