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The Mage Changes in Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor officially landed on Nov. 13, 2014 and is now up to patch 6.1.2. The idea behind the changes is generally this: Bliz feels that button bloat (too many abilities on the action bars) has gotten unmanageable for most, so is working to trim that. What that means for your Mage is that some abilities are going away and other are changing in one way or another. Also, Crowd Control has gotten a bit out of hand, in their view. Some of the various changes being made will reflect that view. Will your Mage still be recognizable? Yes, just…

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Frost Mage Damage Guide
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How to do Damage as a Frost Mage in PvP

The Frost Mage has been the Mage PvP Spec for some time now. With proper use of your abilities you can throw out a lot of damage. Changes that came in patch 5.4 made your pet more valuable and changed your Mastery. Your pet’s freezes and your Frostbolt slows give you added PvP utility over that of Fire or Arcane. See below for your attacks, cooldowns, and how to put it all together for maximum damage. Stats for the Lethal Frost Mage Spell hit at 6% > Int > Haste > Crit > Mastery > Resilience & PvP Power See…

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