Oct 032013

Like most people, you’re probably hanging out on the Timeless Isle a lot since the 5.4 patch and it can be very confusing at first with so many rares spawning all over the island and no clue where they are. There is also the new Timeless armor tokens like Timeless Plate Chestpiece that can be found as drops from monsters as well as from chests hidden all over the island. Here are a few of the addons that you may see many people using to keep track of rare spawns and times, as well as a few of my favorites for locating bosses and all the hidden chests.


HandyNotes – This is the main addon to add notes to the map. It’s required for all the other “notes” addons to work.

HandyNotes_TimelessIsleChests – This will show you the locations and types of hidden chests all over the island. For some harder to reach chests it will tell you how to get them.

HandyNotes_TimelessIsle_RareElites – This addon will show the main spawn points for all rare bosses on the island. They are marked on your main map as skulls.

Rare Spawn Overlay – This is pretty much the same as the one above, but it has the names written out on the map and spawn locations highlighted with colors. It’s like npcscan overlay if you’ve ever used that.

RareAnnouncer – This one is very good for knowing when to go to a rare boss spawn location to kill them. Most of the time the bosses will die so fast that unless you were there when it spawned you will have to chance to get a hit in and get some loot. This addon will put a timer on your screen that will let you know how much time has passed since the last time the boss was killed. Most of the bosses spawn around every 45 mins so this will give you a good idea of when you should start heading to the boss spawn point.WoWScrnShot_093013_172508
_NPCScan – This addon will makes a noise and flash the edges of the screen when a rare is nearby you. It will also let you target the rare and market with a triangle so you can find it easily.

Sep 012013

Here’s an interesting video with some info about new character models and when they could be coming to WoW, item squish, and a few other WoW related things. . It seems like the Dwarf will be the first new model…. >_> why dwarf???
In my opinion they should have started with humans or orcs. Also, why are they so slow?

They are only 25% done now… Seriously, with they amount of money they make from subs you’d think they could get one or two guys to just work on the new models. What do you guys think about the character models?

Well here’s the video:

She also gives a few tips for starting out in PvP if you don’t know what to do.

Aug 262013

If you are interested to try out the new Heroic modes for Fallen Protectors, Kor’kron Dark Shaman, and General Nazgrim, you will have a chance tomorrow.
Check here for the Raid testing schedule –> http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9754146011#1

Also, for more info about the PTR and testing check out the PTR forums here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/9344478/

Aug 262013

Here’s a quote from the game’s lead designer, Tom Chiton, in a recent interview.

“For Blizzard it makes sense [to go free-to-play] at some point. But a lot of the risk is in making that transition. You hear stories about developers going free-to-play and getting double the number of players, but you don’t always know it works out that way and how long it stays that way. We really don’t know what the rate is before people drop off and lose interest.”

I’m not sure if WoW could possibly be as good anymore if it went F2P. I think it would make me and many others lose quite a bit of interest in the game. Luckily this seems like it won’t be happening soon, so there’s plenty of time for Blizzard to change their mind.

Aug 252012


Mage in PandariaWith Mists of Pandaria the talent system, as known in Cataclysm and earlier, has been flushed and replaced by a completely new system. Some of the old talents are dead, others have been rolled into the new talents and abilities. This will mean that your effectiveness will more due to your skills in using your abiltites rather than having the “best” talent build. Well, Ok, it was always that way, but now it’s more so.

Other changes: 

  • The ranged slot is gone. You can still use wands, just not equip them and your main weapon at the same time. On the other hand, it sounds like wands will be buffed.

Feel free to share, pin, or comment and let us know what you think.


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Aug 202012

The Night Elf PriestThere are some changes coming with Mists of Pandaria. The Cataclysm talent system has been completely scrapped in favor of a newer, simpler one. Many of the old talents are dead and gone, as are some of the abilities. Others have changed a bit or become the new talents or abilities.

The Prime Glyphs slots are gone, but some of those glyphs  have been rolled into the Major glyphs. Minor Glyphs are now pretty much cosmetic only.

The wand slot is gone, though you can still use wands.

Release is still a month away, so some changes will still be coming. We’ll update appropriately as we find them.

Comments? Thoughts? Questions? Use the comment box at the bottom of the page.



Priestly Talents in Mists of Pandaria

The talent page. This is about what you will see when you check the talents on your Priest. Any Priest spec can pick any one talent from each row. You will have six total talents at level 90. All of the old talents (and some of the old abilities) have been either slain or rolled into these talents or the current abilities.

Priest Talents

Priestly Talent Descriptions

Some of these have obvious PvP use or are utility talents.

In Mists you will be able to swap talents exactly the way you do with glyphs. You will need one dose of the appropriate level item and then you can change any one talent. So if you need to change something and have no ready access to your trainer, you can do so. If you’re inclined to do a lot of swapping then keep a full stack of the appropriate materials:

  1. Up to level 80: Vanishing powder
  2. 81to 85: Dust of Disappearance
  3. 86+ Tome of the Clear Mind.
Level 15


Void tendrils – roots a group of targets. Maybe better for PvP, but offers some control for A of E times in PvE. Psyfiend will send mobs fleeing all over the place, but might be fun in PvP. Dominate Mind – this is your mind control
Level 30


Angelic Feather – place feathers at up to three locations, people moving through the feathers get a speed buff. You can also cast it right on a target and on yourself. With a litle care this looks like it could be quite useful. Body and Soul increases the target’s movement speed, briefly, when you cast Power World Shield or Leap of Faith on them. Phantasm greatly improved your Fade ability and looks like it’d be very nice in PvP.
Level 45

Healing & Damage

From Darkness Comes Light – Vampiric Touch ticks give a chance for a free, instant, Mind Blast with increased damage and that doesn’t consume your DoTs. Mindbender replaces your Shadowfiend. It’s attacks restore your mana. Power Word: Solace – damages and enemy and restores a bit of mana.
Level 60


Desperate Prayer instantly heals your for 30% of your health. Spectral Guise improves your Shadowform and looks sweet for PvP. Angelic Bulwark throws up a shield to protect you when you go below 30% health. Again, this looks like more PvP use than PvE.
Level 75


Twist of FateFinish Him! you do more damage as the target gets low in health Power Infusion increases casting speed and reduces mana costs for 20 seconds. Nice for when that burst is needed. Divine Insight: Your SW; Pain ticks have a chance to proc free Mind Blasts.
Level 90

A of E

Halo: A Ring of Power extends outward from your location damaging enemies and healing friends and doing max power at 25 yards. This one just sounds cool and might a pretty nice in a raid or mass fight. Cascade: Your Holy Bolt bounces from target to target, doing damage to each, preferring longer range targets and never hitting the same one twice. Divine Star: Your star blasts outward, staight away from you, damaging enemies and healing allies along its path, and does the same on its return.


 Priest Abilities by Spec

Previously all Priests shared a pool of abilities and the talents defined the individual specializations (specs.) In Mists of Pandaria each spec will share a pool of common abilities as before, then they will each have their own set of unique talents. You will pick each of these up from your trainer at the appropriate level.




Mind Flay 10 Rapture 1 Holy Word: Chastise 10
Spiritual Precision 20 Meditation 10 Meditation 10
Devouring Plague 21 Penance 10 Divine Fury 16
Mind Blast 21 Holy Fire 18 Purify 22
Shadow Orbs 21 Divine Aegis 24 Spirit of Redemption 30
Shadowform 24 Heal 28 Serendipity 34
Vampiric Touch 28 Spirit Shell 28 Lightwell 36
Shadowy Apparitions 42 Greater Heal 34 Evangelism 44
Mind Spike 44 Inner Focus 36 Circle of Healing 50
Silence 52 Grace 45 Chakra: Chastise 56
Dispersion 60 Prayer of Healing 46 Chakra: Sanctuary 56
Psychic Horror 74 Archangel 50 Chakra: Serenity 56
Vampiric Embrace 78 Strength of Soul 52 Rapid Renewal 64
Mastery: Shadowy Recall 80 Pain Suppression 58 Guardian Spirit 70
Atonement 60 Divine Hymn 78
Borrowed Time 62 Mastery: Echo of Light 80
Power Word: Barrier 70
Train of Thought 78
Mastery: Shield Discipline 80


Abilities Common to All Priests

All Priests will receive all of these abilities at the appropriate level. New or greatly changed talents are linked. Some of the old abilities have moved to become specialization abilities.

Mists of Pandaria Priest Abilities

Old Abilities that have Moved or are Dead

Holy Word: Sanctuary
Smite 1 Mind Blast Now Shadow spec
Symbiosis 1  Gain Druid Ability Heal Now Disc. Spec
Flash Heal 3 Holy Fire Now Disc. Spec
Shadow Word: Pain 4 Blessed Healing gone?
Power Word: Shield 5 Holy Word: Serenity Now Holy: Chakra Serenity
Inner Fire 7 Cure Disease gone
Devouring Plague 10 Was lev 28 Greater Heal Now Disc. Spec
Mind Flay 10 Mind Control Now a talent: Dominate Mind
Psychic Scream 12 Prayer of Healing Now Disc. Spec, lev 46
Resurrection 14 Shadow Protection gone
Dispel Magic 22 Mind Soothe gone
Power Word: Fortitude 22 Was lev 36 Mana Burn gone
Fade 24 Divine Hymn Now Holy Spec
Renew 26 Mind Spike Now Shadow spec, lev 44
Vampiric Touch 28
Shackle Undead 32
Levitate 34 Was lev 26
Mind Vision 42
Shadowfiend 42 Was 66
Holy Nova 46 Was lev 62
Shadow Word: Death 46 Was 32
Binding Heal 48
Mysticism 50
Vampiric Dominance 50  New heal effect
Fear Ward 54
Hymn of Hope 64
Prayer of Mending 68
Mass Dispel 72 Was lev 14
Mind Sear 74
Shadow Word: Insanity 74  New. Use up SW: Pain
Inner Will 83
Leap of Faith 85
Void Shift 87  New. Health swap.


Old Priest Talents

Some of the old talents have been moved, others have died. Some of the dead talents are dead in name only, their effects having been moved to other talents.

These Talents Have Moved to:

Dead Talents:

Borrowed Time Discipline Soul Warding
Divine Fury Holy Divine Touch
Archangel Disc Darkness
Desperate Prayer Talent Empowered Healing
Evangelism Holy Improved Power Word: Shield
Atonement Disc Improved Renew
Inner Focus Disc Improved Shadow Word: Pain
Lightwell Holy Mental Agility
Phantasm Talent Twin Disciplines
Power Infusion Talent Veiled Shadows
Shadowform Shadow Improved Devouring Plague
Rapid Renewal Holy Improved Mind Blast
Rapture Disc Improved Psychic Scream
Serendipity Holy Inner Sanctum
Silence Shadow Inspiration
Spirit of Redemption Holy Surge of Light
Vampiric Embrace Shadow Twisted Faith
Body and Soul Talent Harnessed Shadows
Chakra Holy Holy Concentration
Divine Aegis Disc Renewed Hope
Pain Suppression Disc Tome of Light
Strength of Soul Disc Masochism
Train of Thought Disc Mind Melt
Vampiric Touch Shadow Reflective Shield
Circle of Healing Holy Blessed Resilience
Grace Disc Pain and Suffering
Psychic Horror Shadow Paralysis
Shadowy Apparition Shadow Revelations
Dispersion Shadow Focused Will
Guardian Spirit Holy Heavenly Voice
Power Word: Barrier Disc Sin and Punishment
Test of Faith



Priest Glyphs

As mentioned above the Prime glyphs are gone. Major glyphs now enhance the functionality of your spells and the minor glyphs offer cosmetic changes. All glyphs are level 25 and you can only have three of each, total, at level 75+.

Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Mind Flay Glyph of Shadow
Glyph of Vampiric Embrace Glyph of Dark Archangel
Glyph of Desperation Glyph of Shackle Undead
Glyph of Mind Spike Glyph of Shadowy Friends
Glyph of Dark Binding Glyph of the Val’kyr
Glyph of Penance Glyph of Holy Resurrection
Glyph of Leap of Faith Glyph of Confession
Glyph of Dispersion Glyph of Shadowy Apparition
Glyph of Reflective Shield Glyph of the Heavens
Glyph of Mind Flay Glyph of Shadow Ravens
Glyph of Shadow Word: Death Glyph of Borrowed Time
Glyph of Lightspring
Glyph of Vampiric Touch
Glyph of Vampiric Embrace
Glyph of Circle of Healing
Glyph of Levitate
Glyph of Psychic Horror
Glyph of Mass Dispel
Glyph of Lightwell
Glyph of Inner Fire
Glyph of Holy Nova
Glyph of Inner Sanctum
Glyph of Fear Ward
Glyph of Fade
Glyph of Purify
Glyph of Holy Fire
Glyph of Inner Focus
Glyph of Power Word: Shield
Glyph of Prayer of Mending
Glyph of Smite
Glyph of Dispel Magic
Glyph of Mind Blast
Glyph of Scourge Imprisonment
Glyph of Renew
Glyph of Psychic Scream
Glyph of Spirit of Redemption


Jul 292012
Pandaren Hunter with Wolf

Pandaren Hunter with Wolf Pet

This page covers the various Hunter abilities and Glyphs as they will be in Mists of Pandaria, it does not cover builds. Yet. As this is written it’s still two months to the M of P launch and things might change. For now, check stuff out and think about what you will want for your Hunter, since the Cataclysm system will be scrapped.

Feel free to add comments, if you’re so inclined.



The New Talent Page

Any spec of Hunter can choose any one talent from each row. You will have six talents at level 90. You do not have to spend points in any given talent (or any ability,) you just pick ’em and use ’em. Obviously this means that any flavor of Hunter can have Silencing Shot.

The Hunter Talents in Mists of Pandaria

The Hunter Talents in Mists of Pandaria

Details on the new Hunter Talents

Again, you can pick one from any one row, regardless of your spec.

Posthaste – Your Disengage breaks free from movement impairing effects and increases your movement rate. Narrow Escape – When you Disengage you leave webs, snagging all targets for a few seconds. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera – Reduces cooldowns of Disengage and Deterrence.
Silencing Shot – Silences and interrupts. Wyvern Sting – Puts the target to sleep for awhile. Binding Shot – Enemies are tethered to your arrow and stunned if they move away.
Exhilaration – Heal yourself and your pet. Aspect of the Iron Hawk – Increase ranged attack power and reduce incoming damage. Spirit Bond – You and your pet regenerate.
Fervor – Restore focus Dire Beast – Summons a mighty beast to attack your target. Thrill of the Hunt – Chance for next Arcane/Multi-shots to be free.
A Murder of Crows – A flock of crows will attack your target. Blink Strike – Pet shadowsteps to target and does damage. Lynx Rush – Your pet charges from target to target, attacking each.
Glaive Toss – Throw glaives to slow target and increase their damage taken. Powershot – A mighty shot that knocks back opponents. Barrage – A spray of shots that damages the target and enemies between you and the target.

Old Talents

The Dead Talents

These Old Talents have become…

These talents are gone, though some of the functionality may have been rolled into other abilities or glyphs or talents.Sic em!, Bestial Discipline, Efficiency, Hunter vs. Wild, Improved Kill Command, One with Nature, Pathing, Rapid Killing, Improved Mend Pet, Improved Steady Shot, Suvival Tactics, Point of No Escape, Counterattack, Ferocious Inspiration, Hunting Party, Killing Streak, Longevity, Noxious Stings, Resistance is Futile, Resourcefulness, Sniper Training, T.N.T., Termination, Toxicology.
  • Beast Mastery – BM Ability exotic beasts
  • Black Arrow – Survival abilty
  • Bombardment – MM ability
  • Careful Aim – MM ability
  • Careful Aim – MM ability
  • Chimera Shot – MM ability
  • Cobra Strikes – BM ability
  • Concussive Barrage – MM ability
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera – tier 1 talent
  • Entrapment – Survival ability
  • Fervor – tier 4 talent
  • Focus Fire – BM ability
  • Frenzy – BM ability
  • Go for the Throat – BM
  • Improved Serpent Sting – Survival ability
  • Invigoration – BM ability
  • Kindred Spirits – BM ability
  • Lock and Load – Survival ability
  • Marked for Death – now a glyph
  • Master Marksman – MM ability
  • Mirrored Blades – now a glyph
  • Pathfinding – now a Glyph
  • Piercing Shots – MM ability
  • Posthaste – tier 1 talent
  • Rapid Recuperation – MM ability
  • Readiness – now a general ability
  • Serpent Spread – Survival ability
  • Silencing Shot – tier 2 talent
  • Spirit Bond – tier 3 talent
  • The Beast Within – BM ability
  • Thrill of the Hunt – tier 4 talent
  • Trap Mastery – Survival ability
  • Trueshot Aura – general ability
  • Wyvern Sting – tier 2 talent


The Hunter Abilities

Previously all specs of any class shared a pool of common abilities and the talents made the difference. In Mists of Pandaria there is a smaller pool of abilities, the talents (which can be accessed by any spec,) and then a set of abilities unique to each spec.

All of the abilties are acquired from your trainer as you level. As with talents you will not have to spend any points in any of these abilities.

Abilities common to all Hunters

These are the abilities that all Hunters will eventually receive on their path to level 90. Naturally you’ll pick these up from your trainer as you level. If you want to level as fast as possible, then go here.

M of P Abilities

dead or changed abilities

Fetch – new , pet loots for you. raptor strike is gone
Arcane Shot parry is gone
Auto Shot aimed shot is now a Marks ability
Call Pet 1 kill command is a BM ability
Revive Pet wing clip is gone
Symbiosis, New, see video mail specializatiuon is gone
Steady Shot Aspect of the Wild is gone
Track Beasts Cobra Shot is a Survival ability
Track Demons, was level 36
Track Dragonkin, was level 52
Track Elementals, was level 34
Track Giants, was level 46
Track Hidden, was level 26
Track Humanoids, was level 12
Track Undead, was level 18
Concussive Shot
Beast Lore
Control Pet
Dismiss Pet
Feed Pet
Serpent Sting
Tame Beast
Aspect of the Hawk
Hunters’s Mark
Scatter Shot
Aspect of the Cheetah
Eagle Eye
Mend Pet
Call Pet 2
Freezing Trap
Aspect of the Beast, new
Feign Death
Kill Shot
Tranquilizing Shot
Scare Beast
Explosive Trap
Trueshot Aura
Widow Venom
Call Pet 3
Ice Trap
Trap Launcher
Distracting Shot
Rapid Fire
Aspect of the Pack
Call Pet 4
Snake Trap
Master’s Call
Call Pet 5
Aspect of the Fox
Stampede, new

Abilities by Spec

Most, not all, of these abilities have been tweaked from their Cataclysm versions. A couple are new, some were talents. Hover over the links for descriptions. Remember that you can still use the Dual Build ability (learned from your trainer.) As with the regular abilities you will learn these from your trainer as you level.

Beast Mastery



Kill Command 10 Aimed Shot 10 Explosive Shot
Go for the Throat (Passive) 20 Careful Aim (Passive) 43 Lock and Load (Passive)
Intimidation 30 Concussive Barrage (Passive) 50 Black Arrow
Beast Cleave (Passive) 45 Bombardment (Passive) 55 Entrapment (Passive)
Frenzy (Passive) 46 Rapid Recuperation (Passive) 63 Viper Venom (Passive) – New
Focus Fire 58 Master Marksman (Passive) 64 Trap Mastery (Passive)
Bestial Wrath 60 Chimera Shot 68 Serpent Spread (Passive)
Cobra Strikes (Passive) 63 Steady Focus (Passive) – new 70 Improved Serpent Sting (Passive)
The Beast Within (Passive) 72 Piercing Shots (Passive) 80 Mastery: Essence of the Viper (Passive)
Kindred Spirits (Passive) 80 Mastery: Wild Quiver (Passive) 81 Cobra Shot
Invigoration (Passive)
Exotic Beasts (Passive) – Used to be part of the Beast Mastery talent.
Mastery: Master of Beasts (Passive)

Hunter Glyphs in M of P

These are all the Hunter Glyphs in Mists of Pandaria. You will notice, right off, that Prime Glyphs are gone. You’re left with Major and Minor, three of each. They’re gained, 1 of each, at levels 25, 50, and 75.

If you hover over each link you will also notice that all glyphs are level 25, which means you can buy them all at that time and swap them as necessary. (And they’re likely to be pricey at launch, go here if you need more gold to buy them.) As before, you will need some stuff from your Inscription Supplies dealer to do that:

  • Under level 80: Vanishing Powder
  • Level 81 to 85: Dust of Disappearance
  • Level 86+: Tome of the Clear Mind
Major Glyphs Minor Glyphs
Glyph of Icy Solace Glyph of Aspects
Glyph of Chimera Shot Glyph of Revive Pet
Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot Glyph of Lesser Proportion
Glyph of Master’s Call Glyph of Fireworks
Glyph of Scatter Shot Glyph of Aspect of the Pack
Glyph of Mirrored Blades Glyph of Stampede
Glyph of Mend Pet Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah
Glyph of Scattering Glyph of Aspect of the Beast
Glyph of Snake Trap Glyph of Direction
Glyph of Camouflage Glyph of Marking
Glyph of Marked For Death Glyph of Tame Beast
Glyph of Mending Glyph of Fetch
Glyph of Distracting Shot
Glyph of Endless Wrath
Glyph of Deterrence
Glyph of Disengage
Glyph of Freezing Trap
Glyph of Ice Trap
Glyph of Misdirection
Glyph of Explosive Trap
Glyph of Animal Bond
Glyph of No Escape
Glyph of Pathfinding

Other Hunter Changes in Mists of Pandaria

The third weapon slot is gone, but you can still equip ranged and melee weapons, just not at the same time. You can have your two swords or you bow/gun, but not both. Make a macro to swap weapons or use the equipment manager if you really want to use melee weapons. Or go fishing.

Note in the “dead abilities” section that some of your melee  strikes are gone.

Hunters can fire ranged weapons in melee range, Pandaren hunters have a point blank stun which will be rather nice for getting out of tight spots.

Pet talents are gone, rather they will have abilities appropriate to type and spec.

It’s possible for your ranged attacks to be dodged, so the Expertise stat might become valuable, up to the dodge cap. It’s exact value will probably depend on the exact situation, gear level, PvE Vs. PvP, etc., just as it does in Cataclysm.






Jul 212012

Bear Druid after a long dayTake all your Cataclysm builds and chuck ’em.  They’are all dead and useless. Mists of Pandaria is revising everything. All classes will share a pool of abilities, as they always have, but each spec in each class will have a set of unique abilities that define that spec. These abilities will be learned from your trainer, as you level, just like any others.

By the way. Druids will have four specs in Mists of Pandaria. In reality, they always have, now it’s just official.

Note – this page is a work in progress. If you find something wrong, leave a comment.


  • 7/26: Added a video on the Druid ability Symbiosis. This one ability make make Druids the essential class in raids and maybe PvP.
  • 12/13: Corrected the abilities table.



Druid Changes in Mists

The talent system from Cataclysm is gone, as mentioned above. Many of the old talents (and some glyphs) have been rolled into abilities learned from your trainer. Many others have been ganked outright.

Talents are now available to any spec. You have six tiers of talents, learned at levels 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90. Each tier has three talents and any spec can pick any one talent from each tier.

Weapon usage is unchanged.

Relics are gone.

Glyphs (for all classes) are changed. Prime glyphs are dead. Many individual glyphs have either been slain or have been changed in some way. primes and Majors have, more or less, been merged. Minors are similar to what they were before. You will have six glyphs at level 90, three major, three minor.

Battle Pet Training is a new ability, for all classes, that you get from your trainer. There are a few new abilities, in the table below, and check out what Symbiosis will do.


Druid Talents for Mists of Pandaria

This is the new talent page, many of the old talents have been rolled into abilities that you will get from your trainer.

Druid Talents in M of P

Talent details.

Hover over the links for more info. Any Druid spec can pick any one talent from any row. You will have six total talents at level 90. Notes that there are no points to be spent in any talent, you will get the whole thing when you make your pick.

Level 15 Feline Swiftness – 15% movement speed bonus. Displacer Beast – Activates Cat form and Prowl and teleports you up to 20 meters forward. Wild Charge – Fly to a neaby Ally’s position.
Level 30 Nature’s Swiftness – When activated various spells become instant, free, and castable in all forms. The healing and duration of the spell is increased by 50%. Renewal – Instantly heals the Druid. Useable in all shapeshift forms. Cenarion Ward – Protects a friendly target, causing any damage taken to heal the target every 2 sec for 6 sec. Gaining the healing effect consumes the Cenarion Ward. Useable in all shapeshift forms.
Level 45 Faerie Swarm – Causes 3 applications of the Weakened Armor debuff and reduces the target’s movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. While affected, the target cannot stealth or turn invisible. Mass Entanglement – Roots your target in place and spreads to additional nearby enemies. Affects 5 total targets. Useable in all shapeshift forms. Typhoon – Summons a Typhoon that strikes targets in front of the caster, knocking them back and dazing them for 6 sec. Useable in all shapeshift forms.
Level 60 Soul of the Forest – Aessina’s blessing grants a benefit which varies by your combat specialization. Incarnation – Grants a superior shapeshifting form appropriate to your specialization. You may freely shapeshift in and out of this form for the duration of Incarnation. Force of Nature – Summons treants who’s abilities vary with your spec.
Level 75 Disorienting Roar – Invokes the spirit of Ursol to roar, disorienting all nearby enemies. Any damage caused will remove the effect. Useable in all shapeshift forms. Ursol’s Vortex – Conjures a vortex of wind at the destination location that reduces the movement speed of all nearby enemies. Useable in all shapeshift forms. Mighty Bash – Invokes the spirit of Ursoc to stun the target. Useable in all shapeshift forms.
Level 90 Heart of the Wild – Increases Stamina, Agility, and Intellect by 6% at all times. When activated, dramatically improves the Druid’s ability to perform roles outside of their normal specialization. Dream of Cenarius – Wrath, Starfire, Starsurge, and melee abilities increase healing done by your next healing spell by 30%. Tranquility is not affected. Nature’s Vigil – Increases all damage and healing for a short time. While active, all single-target healing spells also damage a nearby enemy target for some of the healing done, and all single-target damage spells and abilities also heal a nearby friendly target for some of the damage done.


Druid Abilities in Mists of Pandaria

This is the list of general abilities for Druids, all specs get all of these. See below for abilities unique to each spec.

There have been a few changes and a couple of new abilities. Some of the abilities have had their level requirements changed and I’m not certain how correct these are. (WoWhead’s databases disagree.) I’ll update when possible.

Charm Woodland Creature New, get a critter buddy
1 Cenarion Ward New (see talent, above)
1 Glyph of Rejuvenation Probably an error? This shows as an ability AND a glyph.
1 Incarnation: King of the Jungle Improved Cat Form
1 Incarnation: Son of Ursoc Improved Bear Form
1 Living Seed Was a level 29 talent
1 Swiftmend Was level 10 Resto ability
1 Treant Form Was a glyph.
1 Wrath More damage than before.
3 Rejuvenation
4 Moonfire
6 Feline Grace Was level 26
6 Mangle Was level 10, Cat & Bear forms
6 Prowl Was level 10
7 Entangling Roots
8 Bear Form Was level 15
8 Cat Form
8 Ferocious Bite
8 Growl, Bear form Was level 15
8 Maul, Bear form Was level 15
8 Rake, Cat form
10 Clearcasting Was a talent effect.
10 Incarnation: Chosen of Elune Improved Moonkin form
12 Revive
15 Teleport: Moonglade
16 Aquatic Form
16 Travel Form
18 Lacerate (Bear) Was level 66
18 Swipe (Bear) Was level 36
22 Ravage!
22 Swipe (Cat or Bear) Was level 36
24 Faerie Fire
26 Dash
26 Healing Touch Was level 78
28 Thrash Was level 81
32 Pounce (Cat) Was level 36
32 Track Humanoids
36 Pounce
44 Astral Storm New – Creates a violent magical storm in the target area causing Arcane damage to enemies every 1 sec, and increasing the time between attacks of enemies.
44 Barkskin Was 58
44 Hurricane Duplicates Astral Storm?
52 Nature’s Grasp
54 Innervate Was level 28.
56 Rebirth Was level 20.
60 Flight Form
62 Mark of the Wild Was level 30
64 Lifebloom
64 Lifebloom, Tree of Life
66 Hibernate Was level 48
68 Frenzied Regeneration Was level 52
68 Soothe
70 Swift Flight Form
72 Might of Ursoc New, Activates Bear form
74 Cyclone
74 Tranquility Was level 68
82 Maim Was level 62
84 Stampeding Roar
84 Wild Mushroom: Bloom
84 Wild Mushroom: Detonate
87 Symbiosis New – Copies an ability and grants one.


Druid Specs in Mists of Pandaria

As mentioned above, you now have the four specs. Dual builds are still available, so you can still pick two. The old Feral tree and been split into Feral (Cat) and Guardian (Bear.) Each spec will now have a set of abilities, not talents, unique to that spec.

Points are not spent in any ability, you will get the whole thing when you get it, and they are all learned from your trainer.

The specs are: 

  • Balance – Super Chicken bolt lobber
  • Feral – Kitty form
  • Guardian – Bear form
  • Restoration – Everyone’s favorite healing tree to hug.

The Four Druid Specs


Druid Abilities by Spec

These are in addition to the abilities listed above. Notice that some of these used to be talents. All of these are picked up from your trainer at the appropriate level.


Feral (Cat)

Guardian (Bear)


10 Eclipse (Passive) 10 Tiger’s Fury 10 Savage Defense 10 Natural Insight (Passive)
10 Starfire 14 Feral Instinct (Passive) 10 Vengeance (Passive) 10 Swiftmend
12 Starsurge 16 Shred 14 Thick Hide (Passive) 12 Nourish
14 Celestial Focus (Passive) 18 Savage Roar 22 Bear Hug 14 Meditation (Passive)
16 Moonkin Form 20 Rip 20 Rip 16 Nature’s Focus (Passive)
18 Sunfire 22 Remove Corruption 22 Remove Corruption 18 Regrowth
20 Astral Communion 26 Predatory Swiftness (Passive) 28 Thrash 22 Nature’s Cure
22 Remove Corruption 28 Thrash 32 Tooth and Claw (Passive) 28 Living Seed (Passive)
26 Shooting Stars (Passive) 34 Natures’s Instinct (Passive) 34 Nurturing Instinct (Passive) 34 Killer Instinct (Passive)
28 Solar Beam 38 Omen of Clarity (Passive) 46 Leader of the Pack (Passive) 38 Omen of Clarity (Passive)
34 Killer Instinct 40 Infected Wounds (Passive) 48 Berserk 46 Swift Rejuvenation (Passive)
38 Euphoria (Passive) 46 Leader of the Pack (Passive) 50 Leather Specialization (Passive) 50 Leather Specialization (Passive)
48 Owlkin Frenzy (Passive) 48 Berserk 54 Survival Instincts 64 Ironbark
50 Leather Specialization (Passive) 50 Leather Specialization (Passive) 64 Skull Bash 76 Wild Growth
64 Balance of Power (Passive) 54 Ravage 76 Enrage 80 Mastery: Harmony (Passive)
68 Celestial Alignment 56 Survival Instincts 80 Mastery: Nature’s Guardian (Passive) 82 Malfurion’s Gift (Passive)
76 Starfall 64 Skull Bash 84 Wild Mushroom
80 Mastery: Total Eclipse (Passive) 80 Mastery: Razor Claws (Passive) 84 Wild Mushroom: Bloom
82 Lunar Shower (Passive)
84 Wild Mushroom
84 Wild Mushroom: Detonate


All of the old talents

Some are dead, some are abilities, some have been rolled into other things. I probably missed a few, leave a comment if you see a problem.


Sunfire, Blessing of the Grove, Feral Swiftness, Furor, Natural Shapeshifter, Naturalist, Nature’s Grace,Nature’s Majesty, Predatory Strikes, Starlight Wrath, Feral Aggression, Fury Swipes, Genesis, Improved Rejuvenation, Moonglow, Perseverance, Primal Fury, Feral Charge cat form,
Feral Charge Bear Form, Fury of Stormrage, Revitalize, Brutal Impact, Empowered Touch, Gale Winds, Nature’s Bounty, Dreamstate, Efflorescence, Endless Carnage, Natural Reaction, Nature’s Ward, Primal Madness, Blood in the Water, Gift of the Earthmother, Pulverize, Rend and Tear,

Not dead

  • Heart of the Wild – talent
  • Balance of Power – talent
  • Infected Wounds – talent
  • Master Shapeshifter – now a glyph
  • Euphoria – talent
  • King of the Jungle – now an ability
  • Living Seed – now a Resto ability
  • Moonkin Form, Shapeshift – Balance ability
  • Nature’s Swiftness – talent
  • Shooting Stars – Balance ability
  • Stampede – Now an ability (Stampeding Roar)
  • Thick Hide – Guardian ability
  • Typhoon – talent
  • Leader of the Pack – Guardian ability
  • Malfurion’s Gift – resto ability
  • Nurturing Instinct – Guardian ability
  • Owlkin Frenzy – Balance ability
  • Solar Beam – Balance ability
  • Force of Nature – talent
  • Nature’s Cure – Resto ability
  • Survival Instincts – Guardian ability
  • Wild Growth – Resto ability
  • Fungal Growth – now is “Wild Mushroom: Detonate”
  • Lunar Shower – Balance ability
  • Swift Rejuvenation – Resto ability
  • Berserk – Feral cat ability
  • Starfall – Balance ability
  • Tree of Life, shapreshift – now an ability


The Symbiosis Ability

In a nutshell – The druid can both give an ability to another character (for an hour) and borrow one at the same time. Druid an player need to remain reasonably close to each other, 30 yards. The spell you receive isn’t quite as nice as the original, but is still useful. No one loses a spell, but the recipient gains it for an hour.

Keep in mind that the M of P launch is two months away as I write this, so this ability may change. Given how overpowered it might be right now, change might be very likely.


 This table lists all of the abilities gained by Druid and Recipient.

Death Knight Guardian gets Bone Shield Blood gets Might of Ursoc
Feral gets Death Coil Frost & Unoly get Wild Mushroom: Plague
Balance gets Anti-Magic shell
Restoration gets Icebound Fortitude
Hunter Guardian gets Ice Trap All Hunters get Dash
Feral gets Play Dead
Balance gets Misdirection
Restoration gets Deterrence
Mage Guardian gets Frost Armor All Mages get Healing Touch
Feral gets Frost Nova
Balance gets Mirror Images
Restoration gets Ice Block
Monk Guardian gets Elusive Brew BrewMaster gets Survival Instrincts
Feral gets Clash MistWeaver gets Entangling Roots
Balance gets Grapple Weapon Windwalker gets Bear Hug
Restoration gets Fortifying Brew
Paladin Guardian get Consecration Holy gets Rebirth
Feral gets Divine Shield Protection gets Barkskin
Balance gets Hammer of Justice Retribution gets… Wrath! (LOL Wut???)
Restoration gets Cleanse
Priest Guardian gets Fear Ward Discipline & Holy get Cyclone
Feral gets Dispersion Shadow gets Tranquility
Balance gets Mass Dispell
Restoration gets Leap of Faith
Rogue Guardian gets Feint All specs get Growl
Feral gets Redirect
Balance gets Cloak of Shadows
Restoration gets Evasion
Shaman Guardian gets Lightning Shield Elem. & Enhance. Get Solar Beam
Feral gets Feral Spirit Resto. gets Prowl
Balance gets Purge
Restoration gets SpiritWalker’s Grace
Warlock Guardian gets Life Tap All specs get Rejuvination
Feral gets Soul Swap
Balance gets Unending Resolve
Restoration gets Demonic Circle Teleport
Warrior Guardian gets Spell Reflection Arms & Fury get Stampeding Shout
Feral gets Shattering Blow Prot. gets Savage Defense
Balance gets Intervene (LOL Wut???)
Restoration gets Intimidating Roar


Jul 182012

Changes are a’comin.

Blood Elf Rogue, Tier 13
Cataclysm somewhat simplified the talent system and added a few new abilities. Mists of Pandaria is taking that a couple of steps further and revising it completely.



Dead Talents

The following talents have been removed from the game with Mists of Pandaria. Some of their utility has been rolled into other talents and abilities.

Aggression, Blackjack, Blade Twisiting, Cold Blood, Coup De Grace, Deadened Nerves, Deadly Momentum, Enveloping Shadows, Improved Ambush, Improved Expose Armor, Improved Gouge, Improved Kick, Improved Recuperate, Improved Sinster Strike, Improved Slice And Dice, Improved Sprint, Initiative, Lethality, Lightning Reflexes, Opportunity, Overkill, Precision, Puncturing Wounds, Quickening, Reinforced Leather, Savage Combat, Serrated Blades, Slaughter From The Shadows, Throwing Specialization
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