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Great addons for WoW patch 5.4 and the Timeless Isle

Like most people, you’re probably hanging out on the Timeless Isle a lot since the 5.4 patch and it can be very confusing at first with so many rares spawning all over the island and no clue where they are. There is also the new Timeless armor tokens like Timeless Plate Chestpiece that can be found as drops from monsters as well as from chests hidden all over the island. Here are a few of the addons that you may see many people using to keep track of rare spawns and times, as well as a few of my favorites…

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New wow character models soon? Maybe not…

Here’s an interesting video with some info about new character models and when they could be coming to WoW, item squish, and a few other WoW related things. . It seems like the Dwarf will be the first new model…. >_> why dwarf??? In my opinion they should have started with humans or orcs. Also, why are they so slow? They are only 25% done now… Seriously, with they amount of money they make from subs you’d think they could get one or two guys to just work on the new models. What do you guys think about the character…

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Patch 5.4 PTR Raid Testing Tomorrow! (August 27)

If you are interested to try out the new Heroic modes for Fallen Protectors, Kor’kron Dark Shaman, and General Nazgrim, you will have a chance tomorrow. Check here for the Raid testing schedule –> Also, for more info about the PTR and testing check out the PTR forums here:

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WoW free to play at some point?

Here’s a quote from the game’s lead designer, Tom Chiton, in a recent interview. “For Blizzard it makes sense [to go free-to-play] at some point. But a lot of the risk is in making that transition. You hear stories about developers going free-to-play and getting double the number of players, but you don’t always know it works out that way and how long it stays that way. We really don’t know what the rate is before people drop off and lose interest.” I’m not sure if WoW could possibly be as good anymore if it went F2P. I think it…

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The Mists of Pandaria Mage

  With Mists of Pandaria the talent system, as known in Cataclysm and earlier, has been flushed and replaced by a completely new system. Some of the old talents are dead, others have been rolled into the new talents and abilities. This will mean that your effectiveness will more due to your skills in using your abiltites rather than having the “best” talent build. Well, Ok, it was always that way, but now it’s more so. Other changes:  The ranged slot is gone. You can still use wands, just not equip them and your main weapon at the same time….

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The Priest in Mists of Pandaria

There are some changes coming with Mists of Pandaria. The Cataclysm talent system has been completely scrapped in favor of a newer, simpler one. Many of the old talents are dead and gone, as are some of the abilities. Others have changed a bit or become the new talents or abilities. The Prime Glyphs slots are gone, but some of those glyphs  have been rolled into the Major glyphs. Minor Glyphs are now pretty much cosmetic only. The wand slot is gone, though you can still use wands. Release is still a month away, so some changes will still be…

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Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

The Powers That Be (Blizzard) have unleashed the Official Trailer for Mists of Pandaria. I think it’s pretty cool and, by Hellscream’s knuckles, I wish the in-game characters looked that good. Patch 5.3 maybe? So what’s your take?

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The Hunter in Mists of Pandaria

This page covers the various Hunter abilities and Glyphs as they will be in Mists of Pandaria, it does not cover builds. Yet. As this is written it’s still two months to the M of P launch and things might change. For now, check stuff out and think about what you will want for your Hunter, since the Cataclysm system will be scrapped. Feel free to add comments, if you’re so inclined. Contents New talents Abilities Hunter Glyphs Hunter Notes   The New Talent Page Any spec of Hunter can choose any one talent from each row. You will have…

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The Druid in Mists of Pandaria

Take all your Cataclysm builds and chuck ’em.  They’are all dead and useless. Mists of Pandaria is revising everything. All classes will share a pool of abilities, as they always have, but each spec in each class will have a set of unique abilities that define that spec. These abilities will be learned from your trainer, as you level, just like any others. By the way. Druids will have four specs in Mists of Pandaria. In reality, they always have, now it’s just official. Note – this page is a work in progress. If you find something wrong, leave a comment….

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The Rogue in Mists of Pandaria

Changes are a’comin. Cataclysm somewhat simplified the talent system and added a few new abilities. Mists of Pandaria is taking that a couple of steps further and revising it completely. Contents Dead talents – These have been removed in M of P. Rogue Abilities – A list of the abilities common to all Rogues. Spec Abilities – Abilities unique to each Rogue spec Talents – The new talents Video overview of the Talents Other changes   Dead Talents The following talents have been removed from the game with Mists of Pandaria. Some of their utility has been rolled into other talents and…

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