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The Priest in Mists of Pandaria

The Night Elf PriestThere are some changes coming with Mists of Pandaria. The Cataclysm talent system has been completely scrapped in favor of a newer, simpler one. Many of the old talents are dead and gone, as are some of the abilities. Others have changed a bit or become the new talents or abilities.

The Prime Glyphs slots are gone, but some of those glyphs  have been rolled into the Major glyphs. Minor Glyphs are now pretty much cosmetic only.

The wand slot is gone, though you can still use wands.

Release is still a month away, so some changes will still be coming. We’ll update appropriately as we find them.

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Priestly Talents in Mists of Pandaria

The talent page. This is about what you will see when you check the talents on your Priest. Any Priest spec can pick any one talent from each row. You will have six total talents at level 90. All of the old talents (and some of the old abilities) have been either slain or rolled into these talents or the current abilities.

Priest Talents

Priestly Talent Descriptions

Some of these have obvious PvP use or are utility talents.

In Mists you will be able to swap talents exactly the way you do with glyphs. You will need one dose of the appropriate level item and then you can change any one talent. So if you need to change something and have no ready access to your trainer, you can do so. If you’re inclined to do a lot of swapping then keep a full stack of the appropriate materials:

  1. Up to level 80: Vanishing powder
  2. 81to 85: Dust of Disappearance
  3. 86+ Tome of the Clear Mind.
Level 15


Void tendrils – roots a group of targets. Maybe better for PvP, but offers some control for A of E times in PvE. Psyfiend will send mobs fleeing all over the place, but might be fun in PvP. Dominate Mind – this is your mind control
Level 30


Angelic Feather – place feathers at up to three locations, people moving through the feathers get a speed buff. You can also cast it right on a target and on yourself. With a litle care this looks like it could be quite useful. Body and Soul increases the target’s movement speed, briefly, when you cast Power World Shield or Leap of Faith on them. Phantasm greatly improved your Fade ability and looks like it’d be very nice in PvP.
Level 45

Healing & Damage

From Darkness Comes Light – Vampiric Touch ticks give a chance for a free, instant, Mind Blast with increased damage and that doesn’t consume your DoTs. Mindbender replaces your Shadowfiend. It’s attacks restore your mana. Power Word: Solace – damages and enemy and restores a bit of mana.
Level 60


Desperate Prayer instantly heals your for 30% of your health. Spectral Guise improves your Shadowform and looks sweet for PvP. Angelic Bulwark throws up a shield to protect you when you go below 30% health. Again, this looks like more PvP use than PvE.
Level 75


Twist of FateFinish Him! you do more damage as the target gets low in health Power Infusion increases casting speed and reduces mana costs for 20 seconds. Nice for when that burst is needed. Divine Insight: Your SW; Pain ticks have a chance to proc free Mind Blasts.
Level 90

A of E

Halo: A Ring of Power extends outward from your location damaging enemies and healing friends and doing max power at 25 yards. This one just sounds cool and might a pretty nice in a raid or mass fight. Cascade: Your Holy Bolt bounces from target to target, doing damage to each, preferring longer range targets and never hitting the same one twice. Divine Star: Your star blasts outward, staight away from you, damaging enemies and healing allies along its path, and does the same on its return.


 Priest Abilities by Spec

Previously all Priests shared a pool of abilities and the talents defined the individual specializations (specs.) In Mists of Pandaria each spec will share a pool of common abilities as before, then they will each have their own set of unique talents. You will pick each of these up from your trainer at the appropriate level.




Mind Flay 10 Rapture 1 Holy Word: Chastise 10
Spiritual Precision 20 Meditation 10 Meditation 10
Devouring Plague 21 Penance 10 Divine Fury 16
Mind Blast 21 Holy Fire 18 Purify 22
Shadow Orbs 21 Divine Aegis 24 Spirit of Redemption 30
Shadowform 24 Heal 28 Serendipity 34
Vampiric Touch 28 Spirit Shell 28 Lightwell 36
Shadowy Apparitions 42 Greater Heal 34 Evangelism 44
Mind Spike 44 Inner Focus 36 Circle of Healing 50
Silence 52 Grace 45 Chakra: Chastise 56
Dispersion 60 Prayer of Healing 46 Chakra: Sanctuary 56
Psychic Horror 74 Archangel 50 Chakra: Serenity 56
Vampiric Embrace 78 Strength of Soul 52 Rapid Renewal 64
Mastery: Shadowy Recall 80 Pain Suppression 58 Guardian Spirit 70
Atonement 60 Divine Hymn 78
Borrowed Time 62 Mastery: Echo of Light 80
Power Word: Barrier 70
Train of Thought 78
Mastery: Shield Discipline 80


Abilities Common to All Priests

All Priests will receive all of these abilities at the appropriate level. New or greatly changed talents are linked. Some of the old abilities have moved to become specialization abilities.

Mists of Pandaria Priest Abilities

Old Abilities that have Moved or are Dead

Holy Word: Sanctuary
Smite 1 Mind Blast Now Shadow spec
Symbiosis 1  Gain Druid Ability Heal Now Disc. Spec
Flash Heal 3 Holy Fire Now Disc. Spec
Shadow Word: Pain 4 Blessed Healing gone?
Power Word: Shield 5 Holy Word: Serenity Now Holy: Chakra Serenity
Inner Fire 7 Cure Disease gone
Devouring Plague 10 Was lev 28 Greater Heal Now Disc. Spec
Mind Flay 10 Mind Control Now a talent: Dominate Mind
Psychic Scream 12 Prayer of Healing Now Disc. Spec, lev 46
Resurrection 14 Shadow Protection gone
Dispel Magic 22 Mind Soothe gone
Power Word: Fortitude 22 Was lev 36 Mana Burn gone
Fade 24 Divine Hymn Now Holy Spec
Renew 26 Mind Spike Now Shadow spec, lev 44
Vampiric Touch 28
Shackle Undead 32
Levitate 34 Was lev 26
Mind Vision 42
Shadowfiend 42 Was 66
Holy Nova 46 Was lev 62
Shadow Word: Death 46 Was 32
Binding Heal 48
Mysticism 50
Vampiric Dominance 50  New heal effect
Fear Ward 54
Hymn of Hope 64
Prayer of Mending 68
Mass Dispel 72 Was lev 14
Mind Sear 74
Shadow Word: Insanity 74  New. Use up SW: Pain
Inner Will 83
Leap of Faith 85
Void Shift 87  New. Health swap.


Old Priest Talents

Some of the old talents have been moved, others have died. Some of the dead talents are dead in name only, their effects having been moved to other talents.

These Talents Have Moved to:

Dead Talents:

Borrowed Time Discipline Soul Warding
Divine Fury Holy Divine Touch
Archangel Disc Darkness
Desperate Prayer Talent Empowered Healing
Evangelism Holy Improved Power Word: Shield
Atonement Disc Improved Renew
Inner Focus Disc Improved Shadow Word: Pain
Lightwell Holy Mental Agility
Phantasm Talent Twin Disciplines
Power Infusion Talent Veiled Shadows
Shadowform Shadow Improved Devouring Plague
Rapid Renewal Holy Improved Mind Blast
Rapture Disc Improved Psychic Scream
Serendipity Holy Inner Sanctum
Silence Shadow Inspiration
Spirit of Redemption Holy Surge of Light
Vampiric Embrace Shadow Twisted Faith
Body and Soul Talent Harnessed Shadows
Chakra Holy Holy Concentration
Divine Aegis Disc Renewed Hope
Pain Suppression Disc Tome of Light
Strength of Soul Disc Masochism
Train of Thought Disc Mind Melt
Vampiric Touch Shadow Reflective Shield
Circle of Healing Holy Blessed Resilience
Grace Disc Pain and Suffering
Psychic Horror Shadow Paralysis
Shadowy Apparition Shadow Revelations
Dispersion Shadow Focused Will
Guardian Spirit Holy Heavenly Voice
Power Word: Barrier Disc Sin and Punishment
Test of Faith



Priest Glyphs

As mentioned above the Prime glyphs are gone. Major glyphs now enhance the functionality of your spells and the minor glyphs offer cosmetic changes. All glyphs are level 25 and you can only have three of each, total, at level 75+.

Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Mind Flay Glyph of Shadow
Glyph of Vampiric Embrace Glyph of Dark Archangel
Glyph of Desperation Glyph of Shackle Undead
Glyph of Mind Spike Glyph of Shadowy Friends
Glyph of Dark Binding Glyph of the Val’kyr
Glyph of Penance Glyph of Holy Resurrection
Glyph of Leap of Faith Glyph of Confession
Glyph of Dispersion Glyph of Shadowy Apparition
Glyph of Reflective Shield Glyph of the Heavens
Glyph of Mind Flay Glyph of Shadow Ravens
Glyph of Shadow Word: Death Glyph of Borrowed Time
Glyph of Lightspring
Glyph of Vampiric Touch
Glyph of Vampiric Embrace
Glyph of Circle of Healing
Glyph of Levitate
Glyph of Psychic Horror
Glyph of Mass Dispel
Glyph of Lightwell
Glyph of Inner Fire
Glyph of Holy Nova
Glyph of Inner Sanctum
Glyph of Fear Ward
Glyph of Fade
Glyph of Purify
Glyph of Holy Fire
Glyph of Inner Focus
Glyph of Power Word: Shield
Glyph of Prayer of Mending
Glyph of Smite
Glyph of Dispel Magic
Glyph of Mind Blast
Glyph of Scourge Imprisonment
Glyph of Renew
Glyph of Psychic Scream
Glyph of Spirit of Redemption



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