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(Expletives Deleted)

So Ok, a couple weeks back I updated the theme of this site. This was after updating the old theme which, when done, trashed everything. Enter the new theme. I pushed all the buttons, checked the boxes, all done. Oh, except for one, rather important, box. See, when you update a WordPress theme you have to update any changes you made anywhere (yes, I know about child themes. Wouldn’t have helped.) There was that one that didn’t get updated. I use a redirect script for lot of links on this site and it requires some code to be inserted into a WP file….

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WoW Stuff on Facebook
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WoW Store on Our Facebook Page

I’ve been experimenting with a new widget I picked up. It allows one to use Facebook to make an online “store” through Amazon and/or Ebay. You can see the results here: WoW Swag Note that we do get a (small) cut if anyone buys anything through that store. 😉

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How Not to Get Subs

A possible WoW commercial? Maybe not… 😉

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