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Shadowlands Arrival and Survival

Everyone knows by now that the original release date for Shadowlands has been delayed. Guessed for the new date are common, and some are saying the release date will be set for November 24, (mostly based on the idea of the pre-patch running for six-weeks.)

There’s plenty of good reasons for Blizzard to opt for this date, especially when you consider some will have extra time around the holidays.

However, with the current global situation affecting production around the world in nearly all industries, past patch releases might not be the best way to gauge the future.

Blizzard will have to weigh up its scheduling plans with new raid releases, with the only guarantee right now that WoW Shadowlands will be ready before the end of 2020.

We shall see.

The Level Squish and a Brief Overview of Changes

Squished! And 70 levels are GONE. What was 120 is now 50. Obviously gear, stats, and everything else has been squished appropriately.

Corruption has been completely cleansed, will you miss it? Azerite and Essences are fine. For now, anyway.

Allied races are now easier to acquire. You longer need to achieve exalted reputation with any of those races. Do a quest chain, earn an achievement, and you’re there. Wowhead has more detail.

Heirloom gear no longer offers XP and, currently, has a max level of 50. New perks, in the form of “set bonuses,” will be offered to replace the XP bonus.

Death Knights will start at Level 8 and Demon Hunters at Level 10 in the pre-patch.

Wanna be a Mentor? Help out players with questions? Check it out.

New customizations for all characters and for Druid forms. Some gear and reward changes. And a few other changes.

You can find more detail lots of places, but here is a good listing on Polygon.

The Pre-Patch Survival Guide

So you can watch it again.

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