Jan 302015

So Ok, a couple weeks back I updated the theme of this site. This was after updating the old theme which, when done, trashed everything.

Aw fer pete's sake...Enter the new theme. I pushed all the buttons, checked the boxes, all done. Oh, except for one, rather important, box.

See, when you update a WordPress theme you have to update any changes you made anywhere (yes, I know about child themes. Wouldn’t have helped.) There was that one that didn’t get updated.

I use a redirect script for lot of links on this site and it requires some code to be inserted into a WP file. Guess what didn’t get done in the theme update? Anytime one of those links was clicked you’d get a “page not found” error.

The script just tracks clicks on those links and makes them prettier. Much like http://goo.gl/. Actually, using goo.gl would have avoided the problem, but I like using the “gotwarcraft” name for redirects instead of google.

Now it’s fixed. I’ll paint a note about this in really big letters on my checklist.

BTW – most of those were links for for the various ads on this site. So if you clicked a Zygor ad (thank you for doing that) and got  a “page not found” that was it, a big brain fart on my part.

Ok, back to work.

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