Mar 142014
Warrior Proving Grounds Guide

Arms and Fury Warriors will both be able to handle the Proving grounds with little, if any, change in techniques or gear. Stats, gems, etc. willbe the same for both specs.

As you may know, one of the requirements for LFR (Looking for Raid) and for random heroics in the Warlords of Draenor expansion will be a Silver Achievement in the Proving Grounds. One might guess that the reason for this is all the complaining about “the bads” in both of those groups. Anothing might be the “insta boost to 90” system that WoW has implemented, which people feel will flood the world with boobs who have not the slightest idea of how to play their characters.

So, with that in mind, I’m putting up a series of guides on how to get that silver achievement (and higher level achievements) in the Proving Grounds. Some classes and specs will find it easier than others, but everyone should be able to do it.

The Proving Grounds have three areas of expertise:

  • DPS/Damage – where you, all by yourself, have to destroy all opposition
  • Healing – where you and your team work together to destroy all opposition. Your team is, ahem, not necessarily highly skilled.
  • Tanking – You tank and burn down all opposition. You will have a healer who you have to keep alive.

After Silver you can go onto the Gold achievment and then Endless. This is where you fight wave after wave until you get bored of the whole thing. Gold has ten waves, ending with a boss type Sha. Silver has eight, with no major boss.
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Nov 072013

If you’ve been disappointed with your raid damage recently follow these eight simple steps to pump your warrior up!

1. Learn the proper rotation! Check our Arms warrior guide.

Undead Arms Warrior2. Your weapon is what will make the largest difference in your DPS. So if you are too low ilvl (item level) to queue for LFR or just unlucky with weapon drops, then PvP till you can get an honor point weapon (ilvl 498). If you have better than 498 weapon then just keep doing LFR/Flex raids and skip to the next step.

3. LFR/Timeless Isle/PvP for gear. Try to get most of your gear from LFR and timeless items and only use honor for left over parts. Make sure to kill a celestial on timeless isle each week for a chance at some nice ilvl 553 gear.

4. Reforge all your gear to Str>Expertise & Hit both to 7.5%>Crit>Haste>Mastery.
You can find the item reforgers by asking a guard in any of the major cities.

5. Get proper gems for your equipment and try to get the color bonuses. Check out our warrior gem recommendations.

6.  Get glyphs for your favorite abilities. Glyph of Unending Rage is required for the +20 to maximum rage!

7. Make sure to use strength flasks during raids for an extra 1000 strength.

8. Get a profession that can create items that help dps, like Engineering trinkets or Blacksmithing gem sockets.

If you’re thinking about leveling up a new class then check out our leveling guide review for info about the fastest way to get all your alts to 90. I even got to 90 in under 48 hours.

If you follow my eight-step plan to success then you should find an increase in your damage and jealous dps meter-watchers.