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Warlords of Draenor Dev Q&A Roundup

Ok, it’s been a few day since Blizcon ended and all the announcements were made. People asked a lot of questions and got some answers and have been chewing on them ever since. What I’m going to do here is sum up some of those discussions and link to the originals. Also see our other posts: The level 100 talents and a Warlords overview. There’s the Ausgamer’s interview (just below,) another by RockPaperShotgun, and a video interview by Blizzpro. Enjoy. AusGamers sat down with Blizzard’s Helen Cheng and Marco Koegler On the new Character models: Bliz saw that the Pandaren models…

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WindWalker Monk PvP – Kicking Your Way to Dominance

Windwalker Monk PvP in Season 14, patch 5.4.7 For gearing, this guide assumes you’re level 90. The other aspects can be used at lower levels. Feel free to share (like, +1, etc.) and add your comments, especially if I missed something or need to add something. Windwalker Monk PvP can be a very satisfying experience. Played properly you’re very hard to take down and you do lots of damage and have lots of control and mobility. Some even say that you’re the toughest of the melee classes. That’s a pretty nice place to be. WindWalker Monk PvP Contents: Butt-Kicking Talent &…

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Warlords of Draenor Talents
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The Level 100 Talents for Warlords of Draenor

Updated 10/7/14 for talent changes. In addition to the level 100 talents there are also some changes to some of the earlier talents for various specs, such as the Death Knight losing Roiling Blood (and replaced by Plaguebearer.) The bigger changes will be covered on this page, minor changes will be dealt with elsewhere. Keep in mind that these are proposed changes. This is all still very early, so take all of these descriptions with a grain of salt. Release is supposed to be “on or before” Dec 20, 2014 officially 11/13/14, so there’s plenty of time for adjustments.  There…

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Warlords of Draenor
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WoW 6: Warlords of Draenor

WoW 6 has been announced at Blizcon and Warlords of Draenor is the new title. WoW has the official page up where you can get the official details. Some of the bits that we will see, assuming any of this makes it through all the testing: Also see our post on the new level 100 talents. Level cap of 100 and some cool looking discovery stuff as you quest. New talent tier at 100

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pilgrims bounty
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The Pilgrim’s Bounty Guide for WoW in Patch 5.4

The WoW Pilgrim’s Bounty event takes place every year close to American Thanksgiving time; it runs from November 25th to December 2nd, this year (2013.) For the most part this year’s Pilgrim’s Bounty is unchanged from prior years, though I suppose that certain gear might see upgrades, much like the Headless Horseman’s drops. What can you do in Pilgrim’s Bounty? You can earn several achievements during the week of Pilgrim’s Bounty, one of which includes feathering a bunch of Rogues, and you can level your cooking quickly and easily, If you prepare properly it should only take a few days to…

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Beef Up Your Arms Warrior – 8 Steps to Maximum Damage!

If you’ve been disappointed with your raid damage recently follow these eight simple steps to pump your warrior up! 1. Learn the proper rotation! Check our Arms warrior guide. 2. Your weapon is what will make the largest difference in your DPS. So if you are too low ilvl (item level) to queue for LFR or just unlucky with weapon drops, then PvP till you can get an honor point weapon (ilvl 498). If you have better than 498 weapon then just keep doing LFR/Flex raids and skip to the next step. 3. LFR/Timeless Isle/PvP for gear. Try to get…

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Zygor Guides Halloween Sale!

Hallow’s End is here and I’m sure that at least some of your are trying to get the Horseman’s Mount and are eating way too much virtual candy. Well, Zygor Guides are having a sale to celebrate. Why? Maybe they got their mounts? That Celebration means that you can get a big discount on any or all of their guides. Everything is half off! What is this thing? Zygor Guide is an n in-game level guide which will blast you through the quests ASAP, regardless of your experience or gear. You’ll never wonder where to go or what to do and you’ll…

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Blizzard Ganks Botting Software Company

Let me guess… we all love bots, right? Those programs that automated your character for leveling, farming, BGs, and whatever? Set up a program and AFK your way to honor, loot, and glory, right? Right? Ok, ok, stop with the rotten tomatoes already. It looks like Blizzard got the courts to agree that there was a large, deliberate “interference with contract” violation or somesuch going on. As a result a company which made $300k selling botware now gets to pony up $7 million to Bliz. Blizzard wins $7M judgment in World of Warcraft bot lawsuit Blizzard Entertainment has prevailed in a…

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gold tips - demand
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Gold Tips: What’s in Demand?

Obviously there are about a bazillion things to sell on the Auction House, but how do you tell what people actually want to buy? Certain things are easy. For example, there’s always a demand for cloth due to First Aid and Tailoring and a few other uses. Most all of the ores and herbs and skins you gather will have a pretty fair demand. Basically, anything that another player can use will have someone willing to buy it, but it may be hard to find that someone. We want items that have a lot of someones wanting to buy them, preferably across…

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Ah, the taste of vanilla…

I would like to share one of my favorite PvP videos from vanilla WoW. It’s a rank 14 (Grand Marshal) warrior doing lots of world pvp, often in 1v3 or 1v4 situations. Some of the death metal music can get a bit tiring, but It’s still one of my favorite PvP videos of all time. It’s great to see back when a 1k crit was really great, compared to now with 400k crits.    

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