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Death Knight Changes Coming in Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor, AKA Patch 6.0, is scheduled to be released on Nov 13, 2014. In addition to the ten new levels you will get new talents, at level 100, new glyphs, and, instead of new abilities, you will get perks. In fact, some of your abilities will be removed. This post was last updated on 9/21/14 and is based on the WoD patch notes here. Unlike the last couple of expansion the changes coming to Death Knights in Warlords of Dreanor aren’t major, but there is a fair amount of poking, prodding, and tweaking going on. The basic talent…

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Blood Tanking the Proving Grounds, Going for the Gold

One of the better ways for your Death Knight, or any other tank, to learn tanking skills is through the Proving Grounds, introduced in patch 5.4. It’s a safe place to experiment with rotations, dealing with multiple targets, reforging to get the most out of your gear, and so on. No one will know whether you took one try or 100 (or more) to get your gold achievement. If you can get at least a silver achievement on your Death Knight (or any other character,) then you’ve probably got a clue. In fact, Blizzard agrees that the Proving Ground is…

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Death Knight Patch 5.4 Changes
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The Patch 5.4 Death Knight Changes

The Patch 5.4 Death Knight Changes don’t amount to a whole lot this time ’round. You got some nice buffs, a new talent (Riposte,) Anti-Magic Shell was the only real nerf, and the rest were tweaks. Check the glyphs, there are a couple which you will probably want to use. See below for details. PvP: Resilience is now 72% and there are some other small changes. Go here for more. As for PvP gear, note that getting the two PvP trinkets gives you a nice Resilience bonus. You call if that’s enough to keep you from equipping a PvE trinket,…

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The Death Knight in MIsts of Pandaria

Death Knights in Mists of Pandaria are not undergoing any changes other than the talent revision that all classes are going through. Runes, Runic Power, abilities, pets, etc. will all function pretty much as they did before. As far as the talent system, take all your Cataclysm builds and chuck ’em. The whole thing is being completely revised. Contents: Talents DK Specs Other notes   The Talents Table for DKs in M of P. Any Death Knight of any spec can grab any one talent from any tier, for six talents at level 90. Hovering over each link should bring…

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Death Knight Guides Added and Updated

We added three DK PvE guides, for Blood tanking and Frost & Unholy DPS. All are 5.4 friendly. PvP guides will be coming along presently. Here are all of our Death Knight guides: Blood spec tanking Frost spec DPS Unholy spec DPS Death Knight Leveling Guide – Get from 55 to 85 faster. Death Knight home page – Links to all DK guides are here, plus patch notes, and a Mists of Pandaria video Zygor’s Guide, to level your DK even faster.   4.3 Patch Notes for Death Knights Some nice clean-up and some nice buffage. Here’s the original source….

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