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Fire Mage Rotation: How to Burst

Fire Mage Burst

Fire Mages live and die from their pyro procs, which result in instant, free, Fire Mage Rotationempowred Pyroblasts. No procs and the damge done falls of a cliff.

The “standard way” to do things is to fish for procs with Fireball or Scorch, get the Heating Up proc, boost it with Inferno Blast, and lob it at the target. Perhaps with an Alter Time in the mix to get another proc.

Then you fish for the next proc. Here’s how to get several Pyrp procs and do a lot more damage.

Note: While this guide is aimed at PvP it’s very applicable for PvE. The burst roations are the same.

Here’s how:

The video below is from Hansol, the Pyromaniac and it covers the basics of Fire Mage burst.

To make this work you will need to have a few things lined up and available:

Note that Alter Time and POM (and Cogmbustion) are the limiting factors here, so you can only do this once every 1.5 minutes.

  1. Buffs: Flask of the Warm sun, Arcane Brilliance, Molten Armor
  2. A Hot Streak (pyro) proc
  3. Presence of Mind (POM) – Insta-cast a spell, 1.5 minute cooldlown
  4. Alter Time – replay the last 6 seconds, 1.5 min cooldown.
  5. Frost Jaw – ranged freeze, 30 second cooldown
  6. Deep Freeze – stunned targets make no responses.
  7. Optional: Combustion & Incanter’s Ward
  8. Optional: Your “on use” trinket, example: Grievous Gladiator’s Badge of Dominance and your Potion of the Jade Serpent.

Here’s the Fire Mage Rotation:

If you can get a freeze in then you get an automatic crit (or pretty close) which makes for a pretty decent shot. The issue is in getting all of these procs lined up, generating several pyro procs in a row, and unleashing massive burst.

Note that Pyroblast is the cast-time spell, Pyroblast! (exclamation point) is the proc. You will need to do some practice to get this rotation down and you will want to set your keybindings to make it easier.

Frost Nova can be used in place of Frost Jaw, but it doesn’t silence people.

  1. Get your proc, DO NOT CAST IT, cast Incvanter’s Ward
  2. Quaff your potion: Potion of the Jade Serpent and pop your “on use” trinket
  3. DOT the target (Living Bomb)
  4. Instant Frost Jaw with your POM
  5. Cast your Alter Time
  6. Deep Freeze  and then Pyroblast!. If you do it quickly enough you will be able to …
  7. Instantly Alter time back to your starting point, before your Pyroblast! lands. This give you a Heating up proc from the blast Criting into that Deep Freeze. (Deep Freeze > Pyroblast! > Alter time. )
  8. You should then be able to Pyroblast! two more times
  9. If your timing is right and the force is with you then you will be able to get three, maybe four (or more, with high crit rating) Pyroblast! shots off with this rouitine.

Note: Glyph of Combustion doubles the cooldown time of Combustion and also doubles the initial and the periodic (DOT) damage.

Here are the relevant Fire Mage talents:

The level 30 and 60 talents are not important for this burst sequence. Living Bomb is the DOT of choice here.

fire mage rotation burst talents

More Advanced Fire Mage Rotation

The “One Shot” Macro

Get your proc, cast Inc. Ward, cast Living Bomb, then use the macro. If you have an “on use” trinet other than Malevolent Gladiator’s Badge of Dominance then use that. (Here’s sone basic “macro how to.”)

Use this slowly, you need to let the global cooldown tick between uses or you’ll find that the macro doesn’t work very well It’s easily confused.)

  • #showtooltip alter time
  • /cancelaura ice block
  • /use Malevolent Gladiator’s Badge of Dominance
  • /cast presence of mind
  • /castsequence reset=15 alter time, pyroblast, pyroblast, pyroblast, alter time, pyroblast

Patch 5.4 Fire Mage Changes

Other Fire Mage Guides:

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