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Class Guides Note

Undead DKAs you know we have a bunch of class guides on this site, covering most specs. All of those guides are still there and any old links you might have still work. There are a few cases where the old page still exists but will bounce you to a page on this blog (such as the DK leveling guide.) That’s handled by a redirect and it seems to be working well.

If an old guide needs to be re-written (and many do) then the new guide will appear on this part of the site and the old guide will either have a link to the new one or redirect appropriately. In either case, it should be easy to find. Say something if it isn’t.

With the new blog format for the home page the links to the individual guides might not be as instantly obvious as before. What I’ve done to make things a bit easier is create a class index page for each class. Hit the index page (links below) and all the guides for that class will be listed there. (And I’m still poking Rikto to do those DK guides… Guess I’ll have to do them myself.)

Here’s a direct link to each of those index pages. You’ll be able to access the guides you want from there. You can see the same links on the left navbar.

Suggestions as to what any guide needs, or what you want to see, are always appreciated.

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