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Looting Rules Changes and Raid Items Reclassified

Deathwing at the end of time

With the intro of the new Looking for Raid tool there have been some, ahem, concerns over the looting system. As expected, these are being attended to and Blizzard made some hot-fixes on Tues regarding this issue.

Some items were reclassified, which may result in your sending a ticket to a GM. Click the link below for a list of those items.

Also, the look rules of the Looking for Raid system were tweaked.


Some items were recently reclassified. You may find yourself in possession of one of these items and are no longer able to use it.

If this item replaced another and you need Game Master assistance to recover your old item, please place a petition with the new item name, that you can no long use it – and the old item name you need restored.

The following are the items that have changed with new/changed class restrictions (LFR Versions).

4.3 LFR Loot Changes and Bind on Account Mounts in 5.0

Also on the same page is:

As a part of the on-going evaluation of Looking For Raid and the loot system, we have recently implemented a change to the Looking For Raid Need Plus system. Weapons, trinkets, rings, neck pieces, shields, offhand items, and the Robe of Glowing Stone are now class-restricted to their intended users. With the speed at which a Raid Finder group moves through a zone, we’ve found that it makes it challenging for players to evaluate loot decisions – by class restricting these items, we hope that the natural behavior will have a more positive set of results for everyone involved. This change will not apply to normal or heroic raid or dungeon loot rules.

Full post: 4.3 LFR Loot Changes and Bind on Account Mounts in 5.0

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