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Should You BUY Gold?

To Buy or Not to Buy, that is the question.

Plenty of people do by gold, that’s why you see so many of the sellers in the chat. Someone is buying the stuff.

To make it short, there are a couple of big plusses to buying:

  • Most of the time you will get it in minutes, after you pay them.
  • You can buy as much as your real cash flow will allow.
  • You can get it when you need it. Have to buy a “whatever” right now? Buy the gold and turn around and buy the whatever.

The are a couple of minuses, too. One of them is pretty big.

  • First off, we’ll assume the seller is an honest dealer. I have no idea how many are or are not. I do know that some of them will hack accounts and use those accounts for gold farming. My son’s account was hacked that way. He did manage to get it back.
  • Your friends will tease you if they find out. Calling it a waste of money, since gold is so easy to make. You’ll find it’s generally easier to keep your “mouth” shut if you buy. Those who aren’t your friends will be less complimentary.
  • Gold sellers are looked on rather unfavorably by many in the WoW crowd, a lot of that rubs off onto gold buyers, too.
  • One of the many ways the sellers make their gold is buy hacking accounts and then farming with that character, probably by setting it up as a bot. By buying gold people are, tacitly, approving of that. At least until it’s their account that gets hacked.
  • Blizzard will ban you if they find out. Buying (and selling) gold is against their rules and if they find out it’ll be POOF! You’re Gone! Don’t think they’ll find out? Goodluck and it’s was nice knowing you.

So how can Bliz find out that you’ve bought the stuff? Off the top of my head…

Total Gold AcquiredYour character’s history. If you suddenly have an additional 30k gold and your history dhows that you didn’t sell off that Armor of Doom from the last raid for roughly that much then you might be at risk.

You tell everyone. That should be pretty obvious.

Someone that Bliz is tracking (and it might be you) pops up with a red flag.They look a bit further, see that you got gold from “one who will soon be banned” and then you are banned.

Does the seller offer a “you will not get banned” guarantee? Do you trust it? Do you care?

Now if you’re lazy and don’t care all that much…

Then go ahead and buy what you need and take your chances. As for me, I’d rather earn it. It’s not that hard, either. Pickone of the gathering professions, work it a bit, and you’ll have enough to get buy. Do something everyday for weeks and you’ll be just fine.

As for me

As I said, I prefer to earn it. You can take the same money you spend on buying the gold, buy a guide instead, make a ton more gold, and never put your account in danger. Heck, you can even skip the guide and look at all the basic tips that are available. We even have a few “get the gold” tips here. You can do it with gathering, crafting, farming, playing the auction house, and a few other ways.

Should you buy gold?

I say “No!” Earn it instead. Besides, you’ll be able to start bragging to your friends, or give suggestions when they ask about gold and whether they should buy or not.

Stick with the “legal” ways and you’ll keep your cash and wind up with a lot more gold than otherwise, but it will take more than a few minutes of you time.

Your call.


2 thoughts on “Should You BUY Gold?”

  1. No you should not buy gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is sad is that peeps that do buy it and get away with it are ruining the game and steeping on the ideals of rightness.

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