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So You Think You Can Write?

Can you write well enough to impress Blizzard?

The idea is that you put all you buffs on (Mtn. Dew, Pizza, etc.) and find a cozy, quiet dungeon where you can be undisturbed. For awhile.

What you would be doing is writing epic prose that will be submitted to Blizzard for consideration in their writing contest. Can you write well enough to impress them?

These are the rules and while it’s too late for 2011, save that page and enter for 2012. There’s no reason that you can’t start your efforts  now.

Who knows? It might be the start of your path to fame and glory.


Here’s the announcement for the 2011 winners:

The wayward plans concocted by judges of the 2009 and 2010 Global Writing Contests have been foiled, and the Ocunomicon has been cast back into the howling Sightless Abyss whence it came. This victory would not have been possible without you, the writers, bravely wielding the ink-drenched Quills of a Thousand Truths! Even with two years’ worth of ocular fortitude strengthening their retinal acumen, the judges were unable to withstand the sheer number and magnificent quality of this year’s entries…

… especially considering that an entire mountain of short stories was airdropped on top of them.

With the smoke cleared and the errant judges corralled and subdued, the victors of the 2011 Global Writing Contest have emerged. Behold now, your champions!

And the winners are here => 2011 Global Writing Contest Winners


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