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The Black Market Auction House

The Black Market Auction House, located in the Valley of Four Winds, in Mists of Pandaria, is a place where you can dump some of that extra gold you’ve been accumulating. What it does is put up for bid various rare/epic items, pets, mounts, etc. Items are chosen randomly by the game code and cannot be posted by players.  (Click for a slightly bigger view)

The Black Market Auction House has some items of interest...

You can find it in the veiled stair, slightly uphill and east of the tavern.

Start at the stairs next to the Grassy Cline, Valley of the Four Winds flypoint. Head to the top of the stairs, grab that flypoint, turn east just up the hill from the inn, and browse.

Location of the Black Market Auction House

You’re looking for Madame Goya

Madame Goya, Black Market Auctioneer

WoWhead News has some more info on the Black Market AH.

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