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What Comes After MIsts of Pandaria?

Well, Bliz is staying mum, but they are working on it.

…the “general layout” for number five is already in place.

“They’re [the] lore creators. They’re the ones who drive what the world looks like today and what it’ll be like tomorrow and beyond,” said Sims. “I think the future of World of Warcraft continues to be bright and I think Mists of Pandaria is going to breathe huge life into what I believe is the best MMO out there.”

From: Blizzard is Already Working on the Next “WoW” Expansion

So, in some mystical universe, Blizzard puts you in charge of whatever comes after MoP. What’s gonna be in it? New race(s?) New Class(es?) New evils to stomp out?

There’s another version of this post, with many people’s ideas for a new expansion. See it here: The Next World of Warcraft Expansion

31 thoughts on “What Comes After MIsts of Pandaria?”

  1. Well, In my opinion the best enemies we can get are the Burning Legion and the Scourge. Bloody war all over again 🙂 Would be amazing

  2. Maybe see some hybrid classes? Like warrior that can have a water elemental? Shaman that can shield bash? Mage that can enchant their weapons to deal melee attacks?

    1. Heh. Hybrid Mage? It’s kinda funny watching my Mage try to whack things with her staff when they get too close. Somehow I don’t think the Devs have any plans in that direction, though it might be interesting for the players.

  3. We need a High Elf Battlemage hero race/class…you would start out at lvl 65 n the battle Mage would wear mail armor with super powerful spells and elementals to summon!

  4. I think an awsome thing would be if like another small planet would collide with the planet Outland, leaving Nagrand and Zangarmarch crushed between the planets. From the new planet comes a new violent race starting to in invade Outlands area. Shat becomes a main defence-station(or mabye an instance with killing the humanoids who took over it) and the places all over outland becomes full of the new humanoids and creeps. Black Temple becomes the main Alliance outpost in the south, lead by the Broken tribes and Dranei. While Temptest keep becomes the Hordes base, lead by Bloodelves together with the orcs.

    Hellfire penninsula once again becomes the starting area where the heroes start by defending The dark portal and pushing forward. Later Horde goes north to Blades edge, which as changed by the collision and is falling apart. Horde must now fight through the invading humanoids to reach hordes last outpost, Temptest Keep.

    Alliance will do the same and fight through Terokkar Forest and Shadowmoon to save the Alliances soldiers trapped in Black Temple. On the way the both sides meet questgivers in small bases.

    The only sad thing is that Outland must change totally for it :'( and stop the possibillity to do the old quests and earn reputation with them as an lvl-90-100.

    Once eighter Horde or Ally reached the BT or TK, they get a quest from the leader there, sending them to a contact on the other planets closest area. This could be anyone, but and awesome feature would be to meet a neutral Alleria Windrunner there who has been stuck on that planet since her dissaperence. She sends you to some peaceful race(just like the pandas are peaceful while the crickets are vile aggressive humanoids). There are like 5-6 different places(just like northrend and outland). The heroes must fight against the humanoids leaders and help Alleria find her captured husband Turalyon. Vereesa, Sylvanas and Arator will also be spread out over the lands. Vereesa on Allyside, Sylvanas horde and Arator neutral as his mother. Since i have seen some comments on many pages of that they want more of the Windrunners.

    The Ethernal fled outland during the invasion and entered Azeroth. There they can be a new playable faction. To me this is a great thing to do with a lovley story.

    The Magicians of the evil humanoids didn’t know how to create portals to other realms so they started making the planet unbalanced form its moving to reach the world of Azeroth they made Turalyon tell about. Windrunner got information about the idea and together with the friendly race hunted the magicians down, to late though. The planet was moving towards Azeroth but Alleria forced the magicians to change direction to the only place exept Azeroth she knew had gravitation, Outland. Before the crash the last thing she said was: I’m so sorry for this!. there you have the cinematic 🙂

      1. and as long as the Pandas wont make peace between horde and alliance, there can always be a struggle between it all. A strategic point between Terokkar and Blades edge. 🙂 But since i am a big fan of warcraft storylines, watching the Windrunners together is my lifelong goal. 🙂

        1. Anything that builds on the world lore and story is just fine by me, especially if it gives people a reason to be somewhere other than just the big city or whatever the newest leveling zone is. Plus, that conflict you’re referring to could generate a whole slow of daily and/or PvP quests. I think the PvP guild that one of my characters is in would seriously love that. Collect 20 Alliance heads by sundown… 😉

        1. i believe Azeroth is either “Flat” or the map is looking at it in that perspective, the maelstorm being the middle.
          Also, now that the maelstorm is active and the panda – who came out of nowhere – *Wich scares me*
          Im hopping blizzard will fall back on original warcraft lore and open the world to the perspective to the Old Gods.

  5. I think they should change things up a little, all these wars going on and yet ppl stay loyal to the alliance or the horde. Y cant u be neutral ? or when u make ur toon once u hit lvl 10 pick ur side in a battle thing somehow, i mean u are gonna tell me everyone stays loyal to there country cuz it dont seem to work that way in real life, so i think u should for sure let us pick our race and class then at lvl ten pick out side would be more interesting and a little getting use to of curse.

    1. That might be kind of fun. I played some Anarchy Online awhile back. It has a three faction system (Omni, Clan, Neutral) which worked fairly well. I kindof like the current system, but it might be fun to have some quests, based in the sanctuary cities, that players from both sides can work together on finishing. Perhaps some of the other possible races (Ogres, ethereals, etc.) could become playable and also have the option of picking sides.

  6. example of how ATTACKS should look.

    and yeah the idea is MAKE guilds more close like when you have a guild you talk to em and maybe meet em once or twice and thats it. No i think that Ba-hunky let them pay what 50K for a huge base where there are vendors and teleports you know? like skyrim 20K for the base 30k for the upgrades like defences and all. THEN let guilds attack other guilds *which gives the xp get it :D* anyways they will attack and it will be a battle-ground in the game. then do the huge transport mounts 😀

  7. I have a few ideas i wouldnt mind sharing ^_^

    1) Make goblins a race that can choose alliance or horde because both sides wanted the race and as soon as it went pure-ly horde a bunch of allies quit JUST to be a goblin *also worgen are stupid they’re a subrace because they’re mostly human

    2) add Moar cinematic quests I hate the go collect 4 Mc Willer Shit leaves type of quests like you remember in WOTLK the death gate alliance horde vs. Lich king quest? then you got to go Clear out undercity *wether or not you were alliance or horde* ADD MORE OF THOSE those were awesome

    3) BIGGER underwater zone Azeroth is mostly water and havent you ever wanderd why they called it the FORBIDDING sea? who knows the treasures underwater? By that i mean Underwater trains and shit *oh and no stupid LAND LEGS BREATHE UNDERWATER* its either take the train to the domes or use the *Look at number 4*

    4) Player controlled and multi-accesable Mounts by that i mean bigger then the Traveling Mammoth Im talking like the size of a zepplin 1 man drives the others man like cannons *look at Robert Kruck’s Idea* and you can like walk around and relaxe and joke around. they can be as simple as a zepplin or a submarine *remember the vash-jr submarine like that but tone-ed down just a wee bit*

    5) Bandit attacks have bandits or some other type of hostile like Pirates *horde or alliance it depends* attack cities and caravans and stuff.

    6) USE THE GOD DAMN CRYPT MAKE IT A DUNGEON for those who dont know what im talking about in deadwind pass there is a place by Karazhan Morgens something i forget and there is a gate that says Crypt which you cant open IN THe un-accesible zone there are Bodies and bones and a place called the pit of sinners where people are hung by their neck in water so they float feet up. Really creepy, Really gorey. Really-cool.

    7) Re-use the god damn zones this catacylsm says breaking of the world we only broke 5 zones hun. Add changes to everything which changes depending on levels like if your 85 the cute lil kitties in stranglethorn are tigers who are level like 80 Hard for you ya know? Add new dungeons to vanilla zones.

    8) Make the magic re-appear Im 16 the day I first joined WoW i was like…9… and there was so much magic. I didnt know what was happening and every zone seemed endless now when i play im like I know this is is that and that is that this happens then that happens yadda yadda yadda Find away to suprise people who have played before so its not a one time run.

    9) New races there are other races in WoW make them appear so you can play as them

    10) 1-map area? I mean this is how Vanilla WoW worked there were 3 continets on the map and 1 more which was outland Now they are like HEY GUYS here is a random Pandaren Island that…we…didnt…know…about….Incorporate Planets. *not making it starcraft* but like if your in outland you see the distant sky and those planets GOD DAMN IT I WANNA GO THERE~

    11) Worse case worse just make a new MMORPG game i mean WOTLK was the peak of WoW’s success now its gonna go down here is an example of what would happen. WoW stops making updates they go from what 11 million to 6 million THEN they realease their new game and they go from 6-million to 20 million they have to go down to go up.

    12) Ever play the game cabel? look it up IF THE people of WoW could make attacks look like Cabels it would be SO much cooler

    13) Bind to account gear = Stupid Battlegrounds used to be fun and based off of skill and luck now its hey ima level 19 with 300000 health so the new players who want to try battlegrounds CANT PLAY~ YAY its stupid Remove it.

    Thats about it leave me some feedback ^_^

    1. Wow, quite the list there, NightLich.

      I like #1, Gobs should be able to pick. Undecided about Worgen, but I don’t play one. Don’t have a gnome, either, so what does THAT mean? But it does makes sense that Gobs (and ethereals, as mentioned above) should get to pick. But… Bliz gave a decent excuse for it, so what the heck.

      I’d love to see more quest and cinematics like the Wrathgate set. It’s a shame that they removed the Undercity part. The end of the current line just leaves us hanging.

      3 and 4 would be cool. Spend 150k gold (300k? 500k?) on your own zepplin/ship that could take your guild from here to there. #5 I really like. Tabula Rosa (now dead) had a system like that (and prob a few other games.) NPCs would attack cities and take them if the defenders couldn’t stop them. An attack would then have to be mounted to take the city back. Great fun. Miss that game.

      6-10… yeah, there’s a lot of room for new stuff. I’d love to see storylines that keep people exploring the old world. With Mists it will be a ghostland. Lots of new races to pick from, as you say. People have been wanting the Ogres for some time. Driders could crawl up out of the deep dark. Ethereals. Sporelings? Well, maybe not. 😉 Haven’t played Cabel and don’t know anything about it.

      Battlegrounds and BoA? Well… people have been twinking the 19 and 29 brackets for a long time. Having played there it’s not really too bad. Not all the players have full twinkage or heilrlooms. So you do what you can, hope you win, and move to the lev 20 bracket where you’ll be crushed by the 24s. Then you hit 77-80 and fight all the people in full Cata gear. 70-74s kinda fun, with everyone in their full level 70 arena sets. Besides, it isn’t the gear that bugs me about BGs. I dunno, maybe I should learn to like big fights in mid-field?

  8. The main thing I have been wanting ever since I started playing World of Warcraft is that the Val’kyr become a race. The Val’kyr look amazing and should be a playable race in future World of Warcraft Expansions. I also agree with Robert on the two races he came up with and the idea of more usefulness of mounts (Fighting on mounts/etc..) Rogptor, You had the best idea IMHO – Better Character Generators. World of Warcraft’s Character Generator has fewer options than most and could use much more improvement. World of Warcraft is greatly outdone by some that let you customize your character to your dream character that you’ll want to play and not want to change every time you see it, Also that brings me to the idea of Vendors who allow you to change cosmetics on your Character (Hair, Hair color, Facial Traits, Skin color, Eye color, Height, Weight, Etc..) And your characters Armor (Color/Etc..)

    1. Yeah, cosmetics (and armor recolor) vendors would be cool. In some of those other MMOs the cosmetics also cost a pretty penny. Bliz seems to want gold sinks, so… 🙂
      I think having the Vav’kyr would be awesome and I expect that some of us would prefer them to Pandas. Bliz would have to invent a “Barbarian” class to go with them, though.

  9. I’d love to see remaked Ironforge. Some new emotes, some random PvE stuff, like unexpected kobold attack on Goldshire =] Bard, as a profession is hard to imagine, but class is even harder, still it would be nice to see something like that ;P Crafting on early lvl should be easier. Also I’d more likely see rogue’s Stealth as something like hunter’s Camoflague.

      1. Maybe something like Evasion, called Ethereal Shift or Phase Shift or something. And possibly a haste racial too, except Goblins already have that.

  10. i would like to see more emotes and spell effects on the characters for example when a druid uses barkskin then his skin would turn to bark in human form kinda like the warlock turns into a demon. and also less repetitive combat motions, a night elf standing in one spot jumping and spinning gets old fast.

    1. Yeah, one of the area that some of the newer games, EG; Aion & Tera, have all over WoW is in the animations (and graphics.) I’m not sure how possible that is with WoW, given tons of old code and such. Still, one can dream, hmmm? 🙂

  11. i would like to see a race of either vampire or a class called vampire to go with the worgens. i would also like to see easier ways to lvl the guild other then just questing and raiding. such as lvling the guild through pvp also. and also getting reputation with the guild through pvp also.

    1. I’m pretty sure you actually can level your guild with arena. Not with normal BGs though. I have not tested it a lot though as I don’t do much arena.

  12. 1) I would like to see crafters having a larger role in the game. At present it is very difficult to create crafted items that are as good as looted items. Beginning crafters even have trouble making things that are as good as what is sold by non-player vendors. Crafting in WoW is a frill, a hobby, a diversion. As good as WoW is, I cannot consider it a virtual world so long as its player economy is so badly broken.

    2) The cost of gathered resources in the Auction Houses has little relationship with the price one can charge for items that are crafted using Auction House resources. One possibility is to introduce item decay in WoW — weapons and armor could be repaired only a finite number of times, after which they would break and become useless.

    3) It would add variety and interest to the game if gathered resources — skins, herbs, metals — varied in quality so that if (for example) you crafted a sword with metal having great statistics, the sword would inflict much greater damage than usual.

    4) I am a fan of C.S. Lewis’s “Narnia” novels, and would love to see Centaurs and Fauns introduced into the game as playable races.

    5) Why not allow players to fight from horseback, or even fight while riding a flying mount?

    6) I suggest having disputed zones in WoW become Horde-oriented or Alliance-oriented based on PvP action in each zone, the number of XPs aquired from completed quests in the zone, and the number of successfully completed dungeons in the zone, by Alliance or Horde players. If a zone tilted towards one faction or the other (due to one faction’s players outperforming the other faction in that zone), players of that faction might be given bonuses — such as 10% more damage points inflicted, 10% more healing, improved change of levelling crafting/gathering skills, and extra faction-oriented quests in the zone.

    1. Hey Robert,

      I think you have some good ideas here.
      1) Inscription and Enchanting are useful, but I think Blacksmithing is nearly worthless. While I disagree that the economy is broken, I do think that crafting can be heavily revised and that crafters should be in more demand.

      2) How would item decay do much for the pricing problems? I’m not sure it’d be a good idea for hard to get stuff, such as raid gear.

      3) I like this idea. I don’t know how easy it would be to implement, be certainly parts of it would be easy enough. You’d really have to revise the entire crafting system to make it work well.

      4) Centaurs and Fauns would be cool. Maybe someday. I’ve heard people asking for Ogres, too.

      5) That’d be fun and is already in parts of the game. Shouldn’t be that hard to expend it. Take the Argent Tournament jousts, for example.

      6) That’s a bit awkward to manage. One side gets a few people at max level to come in and clean out any lower level players. It’d be no fun for the low levels. It might be cool for a zone that’s at or near max level, though. You’d have to decide how that might work for PvE servers.

      In addition to all that I’d like to see a better character generator. Those Korean games all have nice character creators and have had them for awhile. Heck, City of Heroes had a very nice character creation system and didn’t require fancy hardware. I’m sure with Bliz’s cash and technical expertise that it wouldn’t be too hard to do that, even though they’d have to code in all the basic racial types.

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