The Rogue Leveling Guide for Warlords


Updated for Warlords of Draenor 6.2
Some updates for Legion, more coming soon. 

Rogues, like hunters, have a really easy time leveling; you could even say it’s in the class’s pixilated blood.   Running through monsters like a meat-grinder and hitting with enough force to bash even warriors down, the Rogue poses one of the greatest leveling threats of all. Warlords of Draenor brings a lot of changes, but a well played Rogue is still a killing machine. (Check out the WoD changes here.)

It doesn’t matter which spec you play, either. They’re all good. Do note that Assassination got a nice buff in 6.2, so will be hitting that much harder.  The other specs got smaller buffs. Here are those changes.

Rogue Leveling Contents

Leveling Contents

Level 90 Blood Elf Rogue, Contender's PvP gear set

Other Rogue Guides

Undead Rogue looking for someone to gank. However, it’s not only pure burst-DPS, also known as smashing power, that gives Rogues their immense advantage over all others, it’s cooldowns.  Cooldowns that include everything from vanish, blind, cloak of shadows and much more. These give Rogues a great deal of versatility and generally allow the Rogue to set up their attack in a more calculating manner than most.

Buffs and Nerfs: Any time any expansion is released the class balance goes all to heck. One day a given spec is “God Mode” and the next it’s “Doormat.” Rogues are in generally good shape all around. We haven’t been in God Mode (contrary to what some wags might say,) but with even a bit of skill we’re far from being doormats. As for leveling? Rogues are a blast.

Mists of Pandaria changed the balance equation somewhat , again, and completely rewriting the talent system, but Rogues are still be in a pretty good place. Maybe not quite as deadly as before, but very much up to the task.

Warlords of Draenor does away with Hit, Expertise, and Resilience, removes a number of abilities, and consolidates some stuff. Oh yeah, you also get ten more levels, new talents, and Perks. And you will still be handing out your fair share of the damage. See the Warlords Rogue Changes here.

Legion made still more changes, zapping some abilities and talents, adding others, and creating more of a different feel between the Rogue specs. For example, only Assassination uses poisons now. and “Combat” is now Outlaw.


Leveling in Legion, the Fast and Easy Way Click Here to level fast all the way through Legion.


Quick Info For Rogue Leveling

Level 1 Dwarf Rogue wants to get started!This is the “quick and dirty” section. See the sections below this one for a lot more info.

Which race? Whichever one you like. Seriously.

Orcs and Trolls can do more damage with their specials, Humans and Undead and Gnomes have nice escapes. All the others offer something that’s useful. Even Pandarens. Only the Tauren and Draenei cannot be Rogues.

More about race here.

Which Rogue spec to pick?

All Rogue specs are great for any leveling, since all Rogues do is damage and lots of it. Pick whichever spec works for you.

Combat Rogue LevelingCombat Outlaw is the easiest for general leveling. You start out with hard hitting abilities and good energy regeneration, which the others lack, and you are better against multiple opponents. You’re also less restricted with weapon types. This is why most people recommend Outlaw as the leveling build. Does very well in PvP, too.

Subtlety Rogue LevelingSubtlety is the most fun. It’s built around coming out of stealth with bone-crushing burst damage. And then they also have the deadly Shadow Dance ability. Harder than the others for long fights, but can still be at or near the top of the damage lists.

Assassination Rogue LevelingAssassination makes great use of poisons. Nice for Dungeons, raids, and PvP, and no slouch at regular leveling. Hits like a truck in 6.2.


All Rogues – Gear, Stats, Poisons:

Here are the gar basics, more detail is below.

  • Leather armor
  • Stack Stamina at low levels
  • Agility – Once survival isn’t an issue stack Agility
  • Weapons: Outlaw can use any 1-handed weapon, Subtlety prefers daggers, Assassination requires daggers. Get the best that you can find.
  • Poisons: Use Deadly or Wound for your lethal poison and either Crippling or Leeching Poising (talent, 45) for the non-lethal. Wound is for questing, since the mobs won’t live long enough for Deadly to do much. It’s also nice in PvP for the healing debuff. Deadly is for long lived mobs, such as bosses.
  • More info

Rogue Enchants, Gems, Glyphs:

  • Gem sockets are rare while leveling and you’ll level out of that gear quickly enough anyway. Skip ’em. Sigh… if you must: Gem for Agility.
  • Enchants: Skip unless you have the cash or can find them for cheap, you’ll level too fast to make the pricey ones worthwhile.
    • If you do enchant/gems: Go for Agility > Attack Power > Stam
  • Got Heirlooms? All enchants work on all gear. Get the highest level enchant you can afford and put it on the heirlooms. Even the Draenor enchants.
  • Glyphs: See the builds below for glyph recommendations.
  • Professions: Herbalism and Mining, since you get XP from them. Leatherworking will make your gear.
  • More

Very basic Rotations: Mobs will frequently die quickly. Sub does best attacking from stealth, Outlaw doesn’t much care, and Assassination is somewhere inbetween the two.

  • Sap makes ambush positioning much easier.
  • Sub: Stealth to Ambush/Cheapshot to Hemo/Backstab x2 (build Combo Points) to Eviscerate.
  • Outlaw: Stealth to Ambush/Gouge/Cheapshot > Sinister Strike to build CPs > Eviscerate
  • Assassination: Stealth to Mutilate/Garrote > Mut. to build CPs > Eviscerate (Use envenom when you get it at 20.)

If you need to blast to 100 as fast as possible then check out our favorite leveling guide.

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Talents and Abilities for Warlords of Draenor

At level ten you get your first specialization (spec) abilities, at 15 your first talent. As you level you will get the basic Rogue abilities, your spec abilities, and a new talent every 15 levels. In return for having to stick with one spec you get certain abilities unique to that tree. Hemorrhage or Mutilate, for example.

In Legion, Glyphs are mostly dead.

All abilities are gained automatically, without ever having to visit your trainer.

Mastery is an ability you will receive at level 80. It gives you an extra bonus to your abilities, such as extra attacks in Outlaw. Cataclysm (level 77) and later gear will frequently have Mastery Rating, but whether stacking Mastery has any value, as compared to hit or crit or whatever, depends on your build. Assassination loves it, Outlaw and Subtlety don’t much care for it.

The leveling builds below assume that you’re questing/grinding, but there are notes for the other methods of XP acquisition. All the Rogue trees are great for leveling, but have different feels.

Assassination – Requires daggers, but can pump out some consistent, and very nice, damage, especially in Legion. End game? Very solid for raiding.  Since any Rogue can pick up any of the talents they are better than before in PvP. Faster Energy regen comes at level 46, when you get Rupture (driven by your Venomous Wounds, gained at level 10.) This means that on any fights lasting more than a few seconds you will want to have Rupture and/or Garrote running.

Note: once you get Envenom at 20 you must keep your daggers poisoned at all times or you will severely gimp your damage.

Outlaw – The most “in your face” of the trees. Starts out with good energy regeneration and is the only Rogue build with any “hit two or more at once” skills, other than Fan of Knives. Very competitive with, and maybe better than, Assassination for PvE content. Doing very well in Warlords PvP.

Subtlety – Are you seeing Rogues appearing from nowhere, behind the target, and putting down a brutal initial burst? That’s the Subtlety spec and Shadowstep is the ability (‘step is now available to any Rogue.)  Not so good for longer fights, but Energetic Recovery helps. Subtlety is historically considered to be the Rogue PvP spec, though in 6.2 it’s all pretty equal.


Rogue Abilities

These abilities are common to all Rogues:

  1. Stealth – (5) You sneaky thing you.
  2. Sap (12) – Knock him on the head and put him to sleep for (up to) a minute.)
  3. Crimson Vial – (14) your own personal heal (seems to be replacing Recuperate.) You can take this back top back with a healing potion as they do not share cooldowns.
  4. Pick Pocket (18) – Steal something from the target. Picks both some cash and an item to sell to your secret fence (use your Vanish)
  5. Kick (18) – interrupt a spell and lock the caster out of that spell school (eg: Nature) for 5 seconds.
  6. Pick Lock (24) – You can pick locks of a level 5x your own, 550 in Legion.
  7. Sprint (26) – Run fast for a few seconds.
  8. Distract (28) – distract your opponent(s) for 10 seconds.
  9. Cheap Shot (29) – 4 second stun out of stealth, 2 CPs.
  10. Vanish (32) – Poof, you’re invisible. Breaks movement impairing effects.
  11. Detect Traps (42) – detect those traps that the Survival Hunters will be laying down.
  12. Feint (44) – take less damage from area effects for a few seconds.
  13. Cloak of Shadows (58) – remove damaging effects and then resist others for a few seconds.
  14. Fleet Footed (62) – run 15% faster and take less falling damage.
  15. Safe Fall (62) – Take less falling damage.
  16. Tricks of the Trade (64) – Transfer your threat to your choice of Party Member. Activate it, then you have 30 seconds to start attacking.  One started all of your threat from your attacks for six seconds will be directed to the party member. So you could start attacking before the tank and he’ll get all your aggro.

These are the abilities that differentiate one Rogue from the other and are listed in order of acquisition. Keep in mind that you can switch specs any time that you’re out of combat, no reagents needed.

All: Stealth, Sap, Pick Pocket, DIstract, Cheap Shot, Vanish

Assass & Sub: Evasion, Shadowstep, Kidney shot

CP = Combo Points
Fin = Finishing Strike
DOT = Damage over Time

Assassination Outlaw Subtlety
Mutilate (level 1) Hits hard, 2 CPs

Deadly Poison (2) Coat your blade with toxic stuff that puts a DOT on the enemy. Additional applications are instant damage.

Envenom (3) Finishing Strike consumes your CPs and gives a higher chance to apply poisons for a sort time.

Evasion (8) gives a much higher chance to dodge attacks.

Poisoned Knife (10) throw a poisoned dagger which then applies your poisons.

Crippling Poison (19) Slows the enemy’s movement.

Rupture (22) Finishing strike that bleeds the target.

Venomous Wounds (22, Passive) Gain energy from targets that are both poisoned and bleeding.

Wound Poison (25) Does instant damage and reduces healing received by the target.

Seal Fate (27, Passive) Crits from CP generating strikes give an extra CP.

Kidney Shot (40) Finisher that stuns the target for a few seconds.

Garrote (48) Strike that bleeds your opponents and silences him. Awards 1 CP.

Fan of Knives (66) Knives go flying in all directions, potentially poisoning anyone they strike. Awards 1 CP.

Vendetta (72) when you really want to murder someone. More damage and he can’t hide.

Mastery: Potent Poisons (78, Passive) More damage from your poisons.

Riposte (10) Greatly increases your chance to parry and attack and adds your own attack (your Riposte.)

Run Through (10) Finishing strike that comes with a bit of added range (your Lunge.)

Saber Slash (10) Your basic strike, generates 1 CP. Has a chance for a second strike which then makes your next Pistol Shot free.

Pistol Shot (11) Shoot him and also slow him.

Ambush (14) Yes, it’s now only for you. Hard smack from stealth. Generates 2 CPs.

Gouge (22) Incapacitate your target for 4 seconds.

Between the Eyes (25) Finishing strike that damages and stuns the target. Crits do 4x damage.

Ruthlessness (27, Passive) Chance to gain another CP when you use a finisher.

Combat Potency (34, Passive) Your off-hand strikes can generate 15 energy.

Roll the Bones (36) Finisher that provides a random combat enhancement, and (currently) might provide as many as six. Mightiness.

Blind (38) Blind one target for up to a minute.

Blade Flurry (48) Hit all nearby targets for partial damage. Lasts until cancelled.

Bribe (54) Bribe a humanoid mob(non-player) to fight for you for 5 min.

Adrenaline Rush (72) 15 sedonds of faster attack and much faster energy rtege

Mastery: Main Gauche (78, Passive) Chance for more off-hand attacks.

Evasion (8) Greatly increase your dodge for 10 seconds.

Backstab (10) stabs the target, does more damage if you’re behind it. Requires daggers.

Eviscerate (10) Hard hitting finisher.

Shuriken Toss (11) Throw your shuriken.

Shadowstep (13) Teleport behind your target and gain 2 seconds of increased speed. The target does not need to be hostile.

Shadowstrike (22) Shadowstep and strike, all in one.

Shadow Techniques (27, Passive) Your auto-attacks might generate a CP.

Symbols of Death (34) 35 seconds of increased damage with a 10 second cooldown. plus your next Shadowstrike is a crit (which should be fairly brutal.) The duration stacks.

Shadow Dance (36) 3 charges and 3 seconds (5 with Subterfuge) of being able to use stealth abilities out of stealth. Abilities cost less to use while ‘dancing and have a 10% damage buff which lasts for a few seconds after.

Blind (38) Blind one target for up to a minute.

Kidney Shot (40) Finisher that stuns the target for a few seconds.

Deepening Shadows (42, Passive) Your finishers reduced the cooldown of Shadow Dance.

Nightblade (46) Applies a DOT and slows the opponent.

Relentless Strikes (54, Passive) Your finishers have a chance to restore energy.

Shuriken Storm (66) Spray Shurikens at all nearby targets, +1CP per target hit. Damage is greatly increased if you’re stealthed or in Shadow Dance.

Shadow Blades (72) MOre CPs and your auto-attacks do Shadow damage.

Mastery: Executioner (78, Passive) Your finishers hit harder.

Perks were enhancements to existing abilities in Draenor. They’re dead in Legion.
  1. Empowered Envenom – While Envenom is active, you deal 30% more damage with Mutilate and Dispatch.
  2. Enhanced Crimson Tempest – increases the damage targets take from your poisons by 30% for 1 sec plus 1 sec per combo point.
  3. Enhanced Vendetta – After activating Vendetta, your next Mutilate, Dispatch, Envenom, or Ambush has 100% increased chance to be a critical strike.
  4. Improved Slice and Dice – now it’s always on, passively.
  1. Empowered Bandit’s Guile – 20% damage increase
  2. Enhanced Blade Flurry – no more target cap
  3. Improved Dual Wield – no auto-attack penalty
  4. Swift Poison – your Deadly Poison become Instant Poison.
  1. Empowered Fan of Knives – get a combo point for each target hit.
  2. Enhanced Shadow Dance – lasts 2 seconds longer.
  3. Enhanced Stealth – an additional 5% damage when coming out of stealth
  4. Enhanced Vanish – 30 second faster cooldown.


Rogue Leveling Build for the Warlords of Draenor

These talents were picked with solo leveling (questing) in mind and they work well with any flavor of Rogue. There are other options depending on what you are doing and some comments are added below the image. Our picks for general use are checked.

Talents can be changed on the fly, but you need to be in a rested area (city or inn) to change them. No special reagents are needed. You can change your specialization (spec) any time that you’re out of combat. Do fight one as Sub, switch to Outlaw for fight #2, Assassination for #3, and so on. No trainer or reagents needed.

Outlaw Rogue Leveling Talents


Tier 1 (Level 15:)

  • Ghostly Strike – Whack the target and that target will take more damage from your strikes for 15 seconds. Best used when the target will actually last that long.
  • Swordmaster – Your Saber Slash now has a 45 (up from 35%) chance to proc a free pistol Shot.
  • Best talent Swordmaster – Your Pistol Shots do more damage and add an extra CP, what’s not to like?

Tier 2 (Level 30:)

  • Grappling Hook is something like the Warrior’s Heroic Leap. You toss the hook up to 40 yards away, targeting the location, and you’re pulled to that spot. It does not target an opponent and it does not let you grapple to the tops of buildings or cliffs, though you can grapple from the top to the bottom. Basically you can grapple to any spot that you can run to. You cannot grapple across gaps, such as from a cliff edge to a building, even if you can leap that gap.
  • Acrobatic Strikes is nice for getting a little extra range on your melee attacks. Nice for those times when staying close is a bit hard.
  • Hit and Run just adds to your run speed, which is nice, but it’s not a burst or sprint.

Tier 3 (Level 45:)

  • Deeper Strategem – You can have a max of 6 CPs and you finishers can use all six, plus you get a 10% damage bonus. Probably the best overall choice here.
  • Anticipation – A max of 8 CPs, though finishers can only use 5. No damage bonus.
  • Vigor – More energy and faster energy regen.

Tier 4 (Level 60:)

  • Iron Stomach sounds like a Monk ability. Get better result from certain healing effects.
  • Cheat Death – Avoid fatal attacks. Just the things if you expect the occasional crushing damage.
  • Elusiveness – Feint reduces all damage, not just A of E. Very nice anytime you need some damage reduction.

Tier 5 (Level 75:)

  • Parley keeps your target out of the fight for up to 5 min (far less for players.)
  • Prey on the Weak allows your enemies to briefly take more damage from all sources, including from you, after your using certain incapacitating techniques.
  • Dirty Tricks – Gouge and Blind cost no energy and don’t break from your bleeds or poisons. Most useful in PvP rather than leveling.

Tier 6 (Level 90:)

  • Cannonball Barrage bombards the target and its immediate area for solid damage. If you need a solid Area attack then this is your pick.
  • Alacrity adds 1% Haste when you use your finishers (at 4+ CPs) which can stack up to 20 times, though you probably won’t ever see that.
  • Killing Spree moves you up to 10 yards to the opponent and rapidly hits him with both weapons over three seconds. If you have Blade Flurry up then it’s an area attack.

Tier 7 (Level 100:) Congratulations!

  1. Slice and Dice is now a talent and is only for you. 90% faster attack speed.
  2. Best talent Marked for Death –  puts an immediate 5 CPs on a target. Nice way to start a fight with a full Slice and Dice or Roll the bones (which it replaces.) Gives you an extra finisher in long fights, several when fighting more that one mob as it refreshes if the target dies in less than a minute.
  3. Best talent Death From Above empowers your weapons with Shadow Energy. This is a finishing strike (damage is based on your combo points used) which lets you attack all nearby enemies and then leap up and crash down on the main target for Eviscerate + 50% damage. Nice talent, though Shadow Reflection may be more efficient.

Glyphs for the leveling Rogue

Most glyphs are gone in Legion. What remains are some “minor” glyphs which modify some ability, but that’s purely cosmetic. They add no combat value. For example: Glyph of Burnout

You will have six total glyphs by level 75, three each of Minor and Major. Majors handle real changes to your abilities, Minors are mostly cosmetic or have minor utility.

You will be learning certain glyphs automatically, just like you do with abilities.

  1. Level 25: Deadly Momentum and Stealth,
  2. Level 50: Recuperate
  3. level 75: Ambush and Cheap Shot
  4. Note that no minor glyphs will be automatically learned.

Recommended Glyphs:

  1. Glyph of Deadly Momentum (auto learned) – your kills refresh Slice & Dice and your Recuperate to their original duration. A 1 CP Slice & Dice is refreshed to that same duration.
  2. Ambush (auto learned) – Increases the range of Ambush, making positioning easier. Do not take this if you also have the Cloak and Dagger talent.
  3. Cloak of Shadows – A nice survival glyph, especially on PvP servers.
  4. Sprint – Faster sprinting, for the Usain Bolt Rogue.
  5. Subtlety should seriously consider the Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins (once you hit level 60 and get the Sanguinary Vein ability.)
  6. Need healing? Look into Glyph of Recuperate or Glyph of Recovery

Minor Glyphs

  1. Safe Fall  Less damage from falling.
  2. Blurred Speed  Run on water while Sprint is active.
  3. Distract  Increased range for this ability.
  4. Glyph of Improved Distraction: Distract now summons a decoy at the target location.
  5. “Required” for Troll Rogues: Glyph of the Headhunter: Your Throw and Deadly Throw abilities will now throw axes regardless of the Rogue’s currently equipped weapon.

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Rogue Gear, Stats, Etc.

In Warlords your Hit, Expertise, Resilience, and Reforging are all dead.

In Legion your Multistrike and all “attuned stats” are also dead.

You also get a couple of brand new stats. These start appearing with Draenor gear, though you can put your Draenor enchants on your level 1 gear and get them that way.

  1. Multistrike, which will occasionally fire off copies of your strike at reduced effectiveness (30% effect.) You have two chances, at your Multistrike rating, in PvE and just one in PvP.
  2. Versatility lets you hit harder and makes you tougher. It adds your Vers rating to your damage, any heals you do, and (at half value) to your damage reduction.

Primary Stats:

Agility is still  #1, especially for Sub.

  • Agility is, by far, the best for any Rogue spec, especially at higher levels, and most especially for Subtlety with their Sinister Calling ability.
  • Stamina should be stacked at lower levels until survival is not an issue, go for Agility after that.
  • Strength, Spirit, and Int are useless for all Rogues.
  • You should wear Leather Armor in all slots. Your Leather specialization  (at 50) gives even more reason for that, as it adds 5% Agility.

Other Stats: Don’t worry about these too much while leveling, unless you’re serious about PvP or dungeons. Otherwise wait until the end-game before optimizing your stats.

  • Haste Rating – Good for all Rogues. Mobs die too fast while Quest leveling for this to be a lot of use. Raiding and PvP are another story. Outlaw really likes Haste.
  • Crit Rating – The more the merrier. Always. This is the best secondary stat for Sub. All Rogues get a 10% Crit bonus through Critical Strikes
  • Mastery rating – obtained at level 80. Great for Assassination, fair for Outlaw, and good for Subtlety.
  • Attack Power – Great for all Rogues, but only appears on a very few items and some enchants.
  • PvP Power is a straight up damage add in PvP only. It’s useless outside of PvP. It was also nerfed in patch 5.3. If you find some gear with this stat (and you PvP,) then great, otherwise don’t bother to increase it. More about PvP Power and Resilience
  • Visit Skill-Capped now if you’re serious about PvP.


  • At lower levels stack Stamina. With First Aid, enough Stamina, and the Recuperate ability (level 12) you will have very little downtime.
  • Past the lowest levels Agility is the all important stat. It adds to your damage and your defenses. It’s the most important stat for any flavor of Rogue.
  • Stamina is very important for questing/PvP, less important for dungeoning since the other guy is taking all the damage. Otherwise, since you will be face to face (or back) to the opposition 100% of the time, and since you have little in the way of heals, you need to have enough health to survive.

Gearing a rogue is, like with most other melee classes during the leveling process, all about maximizing damage while leaving just enough stamina for a reasonable health.  In this case your primary statistics will be agility, Haste, and +critical. Assassination and Subtlety like Mastery (at 80+)

  • …of the monkey gear is perfect for Rogues. “…of the bandit,” once you hit your 60s, is better. Cataclysm gear is obtainable at 77 and is a whole lot better than any other non-cata gear you’ll get without PvP or level 80 raiding. (How do you tell? Check the item levels. Cata gear starts at level 77 and an iLevel of about 270.) Mists of Pandaria gear is better still and available as low as 80. (see below for more.)
  • At low level, when gear has only a point or two of this or that stat, stick to stamina. You get a lot more bang for the buck with stam gear, at low level, than the way over-priced agility gear. A couple of points of Agility will do nothing for you, while a couple of points of Stam may mean avoiding a corpse run.
  • After the late teens, what comes first is agility. It combines all the damage stats and improvements desired rolled up into a single stat choice, and even shows up on 90% of leather armor to boot.  Increasing +critical, dodge, and attack power are second to agility.
  • If you’re doing too many corpse runs then you’re either fighting stuff that’s too high, doing a lot of PvP, need to practice some skills, and/or need to get more Stamina.
  • Second comes the individual stats such as +hit and +critical. Often you’ll find these in greater amounts on items with higher numbers of stamina or other single stats – Whether this makes them worthwhile to equip or not is up to you.

 More Rogue Gear Notes

  • Heirloom note: With Warlords the Heirloom situation switched around a bit. You can now buy them with gold, for 5-700 each, and they’re good through level 60. Another 3k (each) and the items are good through 100. Another very cool feature is that the heirlooms live in a special storage area from which you can summon up a copy at any time. Use the copy till 100, destroy it, and the ‘loom still exists in that area. (It’s a tab at the bottom of your mounts/pets window.) If you enchant the ‘loom and then destroy it then the enchant is lost. So mail the enchanted ones back and forth.  To get your heirlooms go see:
  • At level 70 do enough Battleground PvP to get your level 70 epic arena gear from the arena legacy vendors. It doesn’t take a lot of honor points to get this stuff (about 2k total.) This will keep you well geared for anything until level 77, even if you don’t do any more PvP.
  • At level 77 the 
  • At 85 buy the crafted PvP set (Vicious Leather, ilevel 377) or whatever M of P gear is on the Auction House.
  • M of P gear starts at level 81 with some blue pieces. Scan the Auction House for pieces that might be available and within your budget. M of P blues are often cheap and are better than your Heirlooms. The item level 417 blues are better (higher iLevel) than the best Cataclysm raid gear.
  • At 85 you can get gear from various vendors in the M of P zones, they sell M of P green gear for not much gold. Here are a few of them. You can also get blue titled gear off the Auction House if you have the gold.
  • At 90 you can either get the Crafted Malevolent PvP set from the Auction House, or hit the Timeless isle for 496 gear or just skip that and continue into Draenor.
  • 91+ is the Twink Level. You can buy or make (and equip) three items of Draenor gear and boost those items to over 700 item level. The catch is that’s it’s pretty expensive to do that.
  • Enchanting note: With patch 5.4 any high level enchant, including crafter enchants (such as Angerhide Leg Armor) can be added even to level 1 items and the enchants will scale to the appropriate level. You can add these to your heirlooms at level 1. For the crafter enchants they will need to be applied by a high level (85+) character, though they can be used by a level 1. With a full set of enchanted heirlooms you’ll do well.


Useful Rogue Macros

You have a Pickpocket skill, here’s an easy way to make sure you use it. Open up your macro creater, create a new one, and add this code. Note that Premeditation is a Sub. ability.

  • #showtooltip Ambush
  • /cast Premeditation
  • /cast Pickpocket
  • /cast Ambush (Or use Cheap Shot or Garrote, or make one for each.)

The above macro will pickpocket your opponent and then attack. If it can’t have its pockets picked then the macro will just attack. The automatic pocket picking will result in several gold over the long haul as well as a few other items, such as lockboxes and healing potions.

1st Aid Macro

This will fire off First Aid even if you don’t have a target to gouge. (Change the bandage type to whatever bandage you are using.) You can also use Blind in place of Gouge. Fire off your Recuperate while you’re at it.

  • /cast Gouge
  • /stopcasting
  • /use [target=player] Your Best Healing Potion
  • /use [target=player] Your Best Bandagee

So  a Draenor version would be:

/cast Gouge
/use Healing Tonic
/use Antiseptic Bandage


Can’t find the mob you’re looking for? Try this macro. Enter the name of the mob you’re looking for, in place of Mistblade Ripper. It will find the mob, if it’s in range, and put a skull icon on it. Change the ‘8’ to a different number (1 to 8) if you want a different icon.

Partial names work, such as Mistbl, but they do have to be spelled correctly. It targets players, but won’t mark them with the icon.  So if Phredd ganks you just put his name in and it will target him, if he hasn’t run away yet.

  • /target Mistblade Ripper
  • /script SetRaidTarget(“target”, 8);

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Lockpicking & Picking Pockets

Pocket Picking in Warlords is a bit more interesting than before. Most NPCs with pockets have green, blue, or purple “stuff,” but you can’t sell it to a vendor. You need a fence.

Early on in your Draenor pocket picking you will find a Secretive Whistle. Use this item to fence your “loot” in exchange for “dingy coins.” Once you get 1,000 of these your fence will buy them from you for 250 gold. Each item that you pick will be worth 2-20 coins. Patch 6.2 extends all this to make it a bit more interesting.

Lockpicking – With 4.0 you gained the lockpicking skill from your trainer and could automatically able to pick locks up to 5x your level. The lockpicking quests (from Vanilla WoW) were made obsolete.

The Glyph of Pick Lock makes the lockpicking instant. Warlords of Draenor does not change this in any way.

Boxes pickpocketed in M of P will require 450 lockpicking, so you won’t be able to open them until level 90. Boxes picked up as loot seem to be few and far between, as always, but don’t necessarily require the 450 skill.

Warlords boxes need 500 skill, which you won’t get till 100, and they are rare.


Rogue Poisons

With Legion all of these are Assassination only.

Like spells, poisons scale with your level. You used to have to make them and then you used to have to buy them. A poison quest used to be required, now you just get the skill like any other skill. The poison quest has been removed from the gamer and the Horde trainer who gave it to you has been disappeared.

In Warlords the poisons are just like any other class’s buffs and they last for one hour and last through death. You do not have to apply them directly to your weapons anymore. Just activate and you’re good.

You can have one lethal and one non-lethal up at any one time. Your Mind-numbing and Paralytic poisons no longer exist.

  • If you change weapons to something else, such as equipping a fishing rod, you will lose the poison buffs. So be aware of that. If you changes weapon types (dagger to sword, for example) you will not lose the buffs.

All Rogues now get the Master Poisoner ability, which adds 5% to the spell damage taken by the opponent (and poisons count as spells.) While Assassination makes much better use of poisons than the other specs, it’s still highly recommended for all Rogues to always have their weapons poisoned. It adds a significant amount to your overall damage.

Your Shiv ability applies a concentrated dose of your non-lethal poison, but doesn’t use it up. The Shiv has a 100% chance to apply the poison.


  • Deadly (lev. 10, ability) does damage over time.
  • Wounding (lev 30, ability) does instant damage and suppresses enemy healing
  • Instant poison is dead and gone.


  • Crippling (lev 20, ability) slows your opponent’s movement. Nice for mobs (or players) that run away. Shiv increases the Slow effect.
  • Leeching Poison (lev 45, talent) heals you for a percentage of the damage done. Harder hits from you = better healing. It’s a small, but nice and steady heal. Shiv heals you for 5% of your health.

Always have your weapons poisoned. While this is far more important for Assassination than Outlaw or Sub, it’s still added damage and control for those two.

For leveling: Use Deadly poison. After level 30 you can use Wounding, especially if mobs are dying fast. Using Cripping as the non-lethal poison will make sure that mobs don’t run so much.

For PvP

  • Deadly for most uses. It keeps damage ticking and will interrupt stealth. Glyph of Blind will remove the effect so that Blind sticks.
  • Wounding is better if you’re fighting healers or those being healed (and someone should be on that healer…)
  • Crippling keeps your opponent slowed.
  • Leeching if you need the heals.

For PvE (Dungeons, etc.)

  • Deadly for almost all situations.
  • Leeching for the non-lethal poison.


Stunning Moves & Interrupts

Practice these all the time. Of course, if your timing is off and/or the lag monster gets you then you aren’t interrupting anything. In general, none of these will work on boss mobs, though they will work on most elites and players.

All stuns are subject to Diminishing Returns (DR.) Your first stun of any given type within a 15 second period is at full effect, the second is at half, the third is at a quarter. Your team’s stuns count towards that DR. So when you Sap a player you get the full 8 seconds, then Bob saps it and gets 4, and Jane Saps is and gets 2.

15 seconds of Sap Free living resets the DR.

Sap – Level 10

  • Stuns your target for some time. Great for setting up ambushes and such. Great in dungeons when you need to hold a mob before the fight starts. Great for just being annoying to enemy players.

Kick – Level 14

  • Interrupts spells, but does not stun. Use this often against casters. It will also block some of their casting for a few seconds. Don’t bother to glyph this.

Gouge – level 22

  • Causes a small amount of damage, stuns the opponent for 4 seconds, and takes you out of Outlaw. It will interrupt spells.
    • Run up to mob, gouge, hop behind, and backstab.
    • Spellcasting happens > Gouge
    • For the Gouge-happy, there’s a glyph that removes the positioning requirement.

Distract – lev 28

  • Distract is neither an interrupt nor a stun, but it does turn and stop non-player opponents, for about 10 seconds, allowing you to slip past them or set them up for an attack. It will also turn and stop running players.
  • It does not break stealth, either yours or the opponent’s.

Cheap Shot – Level 26

  • Opens your attack by stunning the opponent for a short time. This gives you a bit of time to beat on the opponent in safety. Learn to CS and then immediately hop behind the opponent to attack (if you have Backstab.)

Blind – level 34

  • Blinds the target which causes it to wander aimlessly for a few seconds. Interrupts spells and any damage to the target will break the effect. Glyph of Blind will remove damage over time effects when blinding the target which makes the effect stick better. Examples of such DoTs are your Rupture, Garrote, and Deadly Poison. These all need to be removed for Blind to be effective.

Kidney Shot – Level 40

  • Uses your Combo Points to stun your opponent for a few seconds. Also interrupts casting.
  • a minor stun lock is Cheap shot > strike until you have up to 5 combo points > Kidney Shot.
  • Your level 75 Internal Bleeding talent adds a bleed to the stun.

Dismantle – Level 52

  • Removed in Warlords. Sob.

Shadow Dance – (Requires Subtlety) Lev 80

  • This top Subtlety ability isn’t a stun by itself, but it does allow the use of Cheap Shot (CS) or Sap while out of stealth, so it allows more stuns. Make sure your “jump behind opponent” skills are up to snuff. Practicing this on the target dummy is highly recommended. When Shadow Dance is active your stealth bar will also be active.
  • Ambush becomes your Combo Point builder, most of the time.
  • If you’re Sub. then you must learn to ‘dance effectively. Yes, it’s required, otherwise you’ll be half the Sub Rogue that you could be. Find a target dummy or a cooperative player friend. Or uncooperative enemy.
  • Shadow Dance>  CS/Ambush > Eviscerate > Ambush …


Opening and Finishing Strikes

You generate Combo Points with your opening and primary strikes. You spend your Combo Points on your Finishing Strikes. All Rogues get all of the openers and finishers. CP = Combo Points.

Opening Strikes

You must be in Stealth to deliver these strikes. Cloak and Dagger gives each of these a 40 yards range (in 5.4) and also puts you behind the target. Shadowstep also puts you behind the target, with a brief speed increase, but gives you the option of doing a Sap instead of an attack.

  • Ambush (level 6) – Crushing strike delivered from behind. Awards 2 CPs.
  • Cheap Shot (level 30) – Stun the enemy for a brief time. Awards 2 CPs.
  • Garrote (level 48) – Attack from behind causing bleed damage and briefly silencing spell casting. Awards 1 CP

Finishing Strikes

  • Eviscerate (level 3) – Your big hit.
  • Slice and Dice (level 14) – faster attack speed, nice when your opponent will live longer than 2 seconds.
  • Recuperate (level 16) – Keeps a heal running. Good way to spend points at the end of the fight.
  • Assassination: Envenom (lev 20) is the big whack for Assassination Rogues. It replaces Eviscerate and increases the chance for poison application for a brief time.
  • Kidney Shot (level 40) – Stuns the opponent.
  • Rupture (level 46) – Causes him to bleed. More CPs makes it last longer.
  • Crimson Tempest (lev 83) – Hit all nearby enemies and cause them to bleed.


Enchants and Gems

In Warlords there are no gem slots until you get into level 100 gear, and even there they are very uncommon. In short, you won’t need to think about them while leveling in Draenor, unless you have earlier gear that you want to gem.

Gems: Every now and then while leveling you’ll come across gear that has sockets, especially if it’s dungeon of PvP gear. If you want every last bit of firepower then drop a gem into those sockets. Otherwise skip it, since you’ll be out of that gear soon enough. If you are going to gem that gear then look for “Delicate” gems (Agility) or “Deft” gems (Agility+Haste.)

If you have questions about “how to socket your gear” then hop over to YouTube and watch this video.

Enchants -Unless you have lots of extra gold don’t worry about enchants. They are more useful, even necessary, in raiding and PvP, but they are an expensive luxury while leveling, especially since you will be leveling fast enough that you will be quickly replacing the enchanted gear.

If you have the gold and want to do it anyway, then look for Agility, Stamina, Attack Power,  and Stamina. More or less in that order. Yes, Stam is listed twice. That said, some low level Stamina enchants are available, on scrolls, for very little cash. It’s cheap HP which means better survivability.

Draenor enchants can only be added to weapons, cloaks, rings, and neck items. In addition, they only have secondary stats (Crit, etc.)  If you’re not yet 90 you might want to consider enchants such as Dancing Steel or the Draenor enchants for your items.

Any enchant can be added to any lower level item, even Draenor enchants. Yes, you can take that top level enchant and add it to your level 1 item. Do this with your heirlooms.

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Which Race for the Leveling Rogue?

Female Orc Rogue with a kiss for youWhich races can be Rogues?

Most of them, even Pandarens. the only exceptions are the Tauren and Draenei. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s the horns.

Which is the best race?

Whichever works for you. The racial abilities aren’t that important unless you’re really looking for every last drop of efficiency. The best DPS that you get from any racial is a 1% improvement in something, or a Burst abilities once every two minutes, which just isn’t that much.

So play what you like, especially if you’re an RPer. It doesn’t matter if one race is a tiny bit better in one area than another class, if that class just doesn’t work for you.

For PvP?

  • Humans have that nice escape and can have, effectively three PvP trinkets. This is why a good half of the top PvPers are human.
  • Gnomes have an escape and you get a bit more energy. Their small size is also a factor, making it harder on people who click their targets.
  • Orcs have an extra damage cooldown and stun resistance.
  • Undead can escape from certain effects and their Drain Life helps. And they can eat the enemy after killing them.
  • Pandarens have a melee stun and get better buffs from food both of which are nice. They also level a bit faster due to more rest XP. 

For PvE? Human Rogue doesn't want a kiss

  • Alliance: Humans, Gnomes, and Dwarves get a bit of extra weapon expertise. Worgen have a slightly increased crit chance.
  • Horde: Orcs can Enrage and have weapon expertise (for Outlaw Rogues only.)  Trolls can go berserk, increasing attack speed. Blood Elves look good while stabbling you in the back and Goblins will sell your stuff for you (for a hefty cut, of course.)

Pandarens can be either Horde or Alliance.

  • They’re “bouncy” so take less falling damage. This probably stacks with other Rogue “safe fall” abilities.
  • They get improved benefits from food buffs, which is pretty nice in all situations.
  • Their rest XP lasts longer for slightly faster leveling.
  • Skilled with Cooking
  • Can put enemeis to sleep with a touch of their paw, this is a 4 second stun, which is nice. Rogues can always use another stun.


Racial abilities that are gone in Warlords of Draenor are crossed out. New abilities are marked: WoD:

  • Human
    • Increased rep gains – This is nice if you have any interest in gaining rep with any of the bazillion factions in WoW. The various factions have some nice stuff well worth working for and this will save you a bit of grinding. Warlords brings even more factions and you have to get Revered with three in Tanaan if you want Draenor flying.
    • Mace & Sword expertise
    • Escape – Very nice for PvP, useful here and there at other times. Allows you to use two regular trinkets in PvP, instead of one being an escape trinket, and get those extra stats and burst.
    • Increased Spirit is useless to Rogues.
    • WoD: Your Human Spirit adds to your Versatility stat.
  • Gnome
    • Escape – Very nice for PvP, useful here and there at other times.
    • Good with daggers and small swords
    • Skilled with Engineering
    • Resistance to Arcane damage helps a bit in end-game content
    • WoD: +1% Haste
    • WoD: 5% more Energy.
  • Dwarf
    • Ranged weapon expertise
    • Mace expertise
    • Stone form erases certain effects and decreases damage by 10% – Very nice for PvP, useful here and there at other times.
    • Skilled with Archeology
    • WoD: Critical Strike bonus damage and healing increased by 2% (this is not Crit Rating.)
    • WoD: Stoneform now also removes magic and curse effects
  • Night Elf – a bit more agility and dodge.
    • An extra stealth as long as you don’t move. Think of it like a mini Vanish, as it works in Outlaw and can break incoming spells if your timing is very good. Shadowmeld will also drop aggro if things get tight and Vanish isn’t available. You can also ‘meld to stealth to escape.
    • They have a bit more agility and are a bit harder to hit, which is nice for any rogue.
    • Nelves are also slightly faster in stealth than other races.
    • WoD: 2% faster movement speed
    • WoD: +1% Crit by day, +1% Haste by night
  • Worgen – Crit bonus and Sprint.
    • Can occasionally move quickly – extra speed is always good.
    • Increased crit chance is generally useful to any Rogue.
    • Reduced duration of curses and diseases – pretty situational
    • Skinning skill and speed increased
    • Resistant to Nature and Shadow damage.
    • WoD: no changes
  • Draenei – Nope, still can’t be rogues. They’re much too proud. Or blue. Or something.


  • Orc – Damage cooldown and resistance to stuns
    • Enrage (Blood Fury) to increase damage – generally useful and quite nice for leveling. Drop this into a macro to use right after your opener (since it breaks stealth.)
    • Good with axes (increased expertise,)
    • Resistant to stuns – Especially useful in PvP, but also nice at times while leveling/raiding.
    • WoD: Stun resistance is nerfed a bit.
  • Troll – Berserk, snare resistance
    • Berserk to increase Haste by 15% – Generally useful, especially for leveling. Put this in a macro.
    • Regeneration increased – trivial for leveling, less useful elsewhere.
    • XP increase from Beast slaying.
    • Ranged weapon expertise
    • Reduced duration of movement impairing effects – This is generally nice, especially for PvP.
    • WoD: Beast Slaying now increases XP earned.
  • Blood Elf – A of E silence.
    • Area effect silence effect also restores some energy , nice when fighting anything that casts spells as it interrupts NPC (but not Boss or player) spellcasting.
    • They look good while stabbing you in the back
    • Resistant to Arcane damage
    • Good with Enchanting.
    • WoD: +1 to Crit chance
  • Undead – Remove Fear and such, drain life, eat dead enemies.
    • Remove Fear, sleep, charm which is useful in PvP and of occasional use elsewhere.
    • Cannibalism is a nice “in your face” for PvP and eliminates the need to use a bag slot for food. Just eat what you kill, no one else can.
    • drain life (Touch of the Grave) and the old Underwater Breathing ability is gone. Touch is a passive ability and will add a small amount to your overall damage and self-healing.
    • Resistant to Shadow damage
    • WoD: Underwater Breathing is back, as part of your Drain Life ability, and is now indefinite.
  • Goblin – leap away, Haste
    • Can rocket jump forward, or away, so is a bit like the Mage spell Blink. It breaks your Stealth, so it’s not a cheap Shadowstep.
    • Can launch rockets at enemies. This is more of a “bottle rocket” than an ICBM. Probably good for pulling mobs.
    • Receives vendor discounts, which will ease the gold issues a bit.
    • Can periodically summon a personal bank.
    • +1% Haste increase is always nice.
    • Alchemy skill and potion healing increased.
    • WoD: No changes
  • Tauren: What? You think a 9′ tall man-cow thing can be sneaky? Though War Stomp out of stealth would be fun, it’s not happening at this time. Must be the horns.

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Leveling Notes and Tips

Leveling in Legion, the Fast and Easy Way Click here to get to level 110, fast

At low level Stamina is the only stat you’re interested in (I think I mentioned that before…?) After the mid/high teens Agility starts to appear in numbers high enough to be worth stacking. Don’t drop the Stam for agility though.

Gouge is your friend. Before you get Garrote, you can run up to an opponent, Gouge, run/jump behind if you like, and attack (Backstab if you’re Subtlety.) Forget stealth, unless you’re avoiding something (or someone.) If you’re in trouble then Gouge and run.

Ambush is a nice, big whack from behind. It doesn’t requires daggers, but it hits for a lot more if you’re using them. You do have to be behind the opponent and stealthed. A glyph will increase Ambush range. Your Shadowstep and Cloak and Dagger talents will put you behind the target.

Cheap Shot – Run up, stealthed, and whack. Use whatever weapon you have and you don’t have to be behind the opponent.

Stun-locking– The idea is to lock up your opponent so that he/she/it is always stunned or incapacitated. Keep in mind that stuns suffers from Diminishing Returns, making a long stun-lock somewhat more difficult.

One basic routine is…

  • Cheap shot (strike, strike) to Kidney shot (strike, strike) to Gouge, jump behind and Backstab to Blind (move behind, as necessary) & backstab. If you don’t have Backstab (and you won’t if you’re not Subtlety) then skip the “jump behind” part.
  • Cheap Shot is an opener
  • Kidney shot is your finisher
  • Gouge and Blind take you out of Outlaw and stun the opponent, but your bleeds will break both. Glyph of Blind fixes that issue with Blind.

Picking Pockets – You might as well pick the pockets of all humanoids you come across. The cash doesn’t amount to much, but you also find potions and the occasional odd item, not to mention lockboxes to use to practice your lockpicking skill. See above for the pickpocket macros and Draenor changes.

Eviscerate – Your standard finisher. Open, strike, strike, strike, BOOM! Keep an eye on the Mob’s health, often you won’t be able to get to 5 combo points before using Eviscerate. Assassination will use Envenom at level 20.

Gold – Making plenty of gold isn’t a problem, it just requires a bit of work. Here’s our gold guide and here’s our 1k gold in 30 days (from scratch) project.

More Notes on Leveling

Nowadays we have three (or four) ways of gathering our XP. All are fast. It used to be that going level 1 to 60 in 6 days in-game time was pretty fast. These days? Zygor’s + heirlooms + questing + Recruit a Friend + charging as hard as you can can get you to 85 in under three days (in-game time.) Our RaF pair has gone 1-80 in 17 in-game hours, doing just that. Leveling to 100 won’t take much longer than the old 1-60 grind.

  • Questing and or Grinding (just mashing endless mobs with no quests attached) – low stress and you’ll level fast enough. The in-game quest helper is fine, but Zygor’s is much better. Questing is, overall, about as fast as dungeon or PvP leveling for Rogues. Grinding is just… bad. Unless you’re farming certain items (eg: cloth) for gold or professions.
  • Dungeoning – via the Dungeon Finder tool: DPS classes are a dime a dozen so the wait times to get into the dungeons can be a few minutes, but this can result in fast XP and better gear than you’ll get from questing. Just go questing while you’re waiting for the dungeon queue. Dungeron leveling isn’t much faster than questing (mostly due to the sometimes long wait times for a group,) but it’s different and you get the nicer gear. Groups tend to move quickly, so you’ll need to know your stuff and keep up. Sometimes you get a great group, sometimes you get jerks, usually it’s somewhere inbetween.
  • PvP leveling – Battleground weekends can result in seriously fast XP if your side wins. Since winning doesn’t seem to be a priority these days, for either faction, it might be best to do this with a well-oiled team. Even if it’s not the BG weekend, wins still result in very nice XP gains. XP while losing is about the same as questing XP and is more frustrating (to me, anyway.)
  • Healing – Unless you just aren’t taking damage you should have Recuperate up at all times, especially if you have a Subtlety build (a talent lets your Recuperate restore energy.) Your Leeching Poison will be quite nice for leveling.
  • Always have the biggest bags you can afford.
  • Make an Auction House alt and send anything (that isn’t grey) to the alt instead of vendoring it. Vendor the grey junk.
  • Questing is faster than grinding, except at the very lowest levels, but you do have to have a plan for your questing. Get a guide (see below) or study the in-game quest help thing and organize your quests to hit several at one time in the same place.
  • Keep your weapons updated; the rest of your gear can fall behind a bit.
  • Killing mobs of a bit lower level gives less XP but a lot less downtime, for a net XP per hour increase.
  • Always log out at an Inn, to get the Rest XP when you come back.
  • Level with a new friend for 3x XP. (see above)
  • Dungeons (instances) are a great source of XP (especially if you get the associated quests ) and much better gear than you’ll find while soloing. Depending on the teams you join they may also be a great source of irritation or fun. See our dungeon leveling guide for more info and “how not to fail” tips. For example:
    • Only attack what the tank is attacking.
    • Stay out of any goop on the floor unless your guys are creating it (such as healing circles.)
    • Stay behind the opponent at all times.
    • If you get aggro then either kill the mob or Vanish.
    • Keep Recovery and Slice and Dice up at all times for all Specs.
  • How to win in the BGs?
    • Warsong Gulch – the only thing that matters is the flags. Stay in a group and grab the other side’s flag while keeping them from taking/keeping yours. Protect your flag-carriers and kill theirs. Your Burst of Speed talent is terrific for flag carrying.
    • Arathi Basin – Only the bases matter. If you can take and keep three flags/bases then you will win. If you take a base and everyone leaves to go to the next one then you will lose that base soon. If one person stays they can call for help when the other side comes to claim that base.
    • Eye of the Storm – Take and keep three bases and the flag captures won’t matter (though they’re fun.) The flag is only worth while if both sides have two bases and can’t manage to take a third. If you have three bases and are bragging flags then youi’ll win faster.
    • Alterac Valley – You have to take out the opponent’s towers while protecting yours. When their towers are gone you kill their General in their base. Some teamwork is essential here. Big fights in the middle of the field are great fun, but otherwise hurt your cause (which is to win.)
    • Strand of the Ancients – You will be on both offense and defense. On offense, get into the tanks and attack the gate, don’t fight in the field. If you’re not driving then you need to protect a tank and don’t fight in the field. Defense needs to kill the tanks and not fight in the field. The team that breaks the last gate and takes the relic, in the least amount of time wins. Fighting in the field doesn’t help. Gathering bombs to blow up gates does help.
    • Random fighting in the field, for any BG, does not help your team.
    • The team with the best teamwork will win and winners get far more XP and honor than losers.


Rogue Professions

Briefly: In Warlords the professions are only for making things and for the gold. There are no special stat bonuses anymore.

Professions – While leveling, unless you already have a ton of cash, skip all of the crafting professions. They are way too expensive. Yeah, there is some nice gear to be had with leatherworking, but they’re all expensive to level up.

Unless you’re rich I suggest you stick with mining, herbalism, and skinning (pick any two.) Work those hard, sell all of your stacks of ore/herbs/skins on the Auction House, and you will have enough gold to buy your mounts and some decent items.

In Warlords there are no longer an profession bonuses. No agility enchant for Leatherworking, no Crit from skinning, nothing. You can make some very nice gear (item level 640,) but it will take awhile to accumulate the necessary materials for such. It’s not very expensive, just time consuming. Those items can be boosted to 700+ and that is pretty expensive.

And the others: 

  • Leatherworking makes your gear. If you have a level 2 Garrison and a follower working your LW hut then you have access to tents which will boost your stats by 10%. These tents are account bound, so mail them to all of your alts.
  • Alchemy can make a number of useful chemicals to consume when needed, such as potions and flasks for stat boosts. Take Herbalism with this, you’ll save some gold.
  • Enchanting? Very expensive to level, but can put some pretty nice buffs on things.
  • Engineering? If you’re rich and want to ride on of those Mechano Hog Motorbike things eventually then get this profession.  Watch for backfires which may make PvE content (dungeons/raids) a bit too interesting (you’ll pull aggro.)
  • Inscription? It can be a nice money maker, if you work at it. Take Herbalism with this, you’ll save some gold. Scribes can make staves for their Mage/Druid friends.
  • Jewelcrafting? Can be a good money-maker. Take Mining to go with it.
  • Blacksmithing? You’ll be able to make some nice weapons, especially useful if you’re just not finding them.
  • Tailoring? You can make a nice flying carpet.
  • Cooking can make interesting foods, some of which buff Agility (such as Warp Burgers.)
  • Fishing can provide mats for cooking.
  • First Aid is a very handy skill to have. Keep it maxed at all times. Makes a very nice Healing Tonic once you get to Draenor.


Useful Addons

At last count there were 23,098,147,365 addons for the World of Warcraft (actually, Curse has just over 5,700,) covering just about any aspect of the game, several times over. Everyone has their favorites and there’s usually something else out there that’s pretty cool. Here are some that I use and like:

NeedToKnow – Nifty way to track buffs, debuffs, your poisons and bleeds, etc.

NugComboBar – Keeps track of your energy and combo points. Also tracks resources for several other characters, such as Druids and Paladins.

NPCScan – If you’re hunting rares in Draenor (or anywhere else) then this is essential. It detects them and marks them and you can download some extras, such as the path that the rares take.

Altaholic – If you have a bunch of alts, especially if you store stuff on different alts, then you really want this. If you’re just sticking to the one character (and who does THAT?) then it’s useless. 😉

Gatherer – This is an addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters in World of Warcraft. It’s main purpose is to track the closest plants, deposits and treasure locations on your minimap. If you do any serious gathering, and not just leveling the skill, then you’ll find this addon very worthwhile.

OneBag3 – Merges all of your bags into one bag. There are several of these out there and some UI mods, such as LUI, will provide their own “one bag” utility.

Recount – Want to know how much damage you’re doing, so you can brag about it? Then you want recount. Skada is very similar.

Deadly Boss Mods – This will tell you what the boss is going to do and what you should do when he does it. It has a few other useful abilities, as well. Very nice if you’re dungeoning.

Auctionator – A very nice Auction House addon. Lets you make shopping lists and does a much better job of presenting info than the standard auction house interface.

Auctioneer – Another auctioning addon. Does lots of stuff. Much more complicated than Auctionator.

LUI will completely redo your user interface. Bars, frames, chat, bags, everything. It’s pretty nifty, but it’s not trivial to set up. Set aside an hour or two to set it up the first time. The upside is massive customization of your interface. New players should skip this.

Tycoon (not free) – This one is for people serious about getting more gold. See the linked page for a lot more detail.


Rogue leveling, the fast way

Zygor's Guide for WarlordsOnce you have decided on the right build for your Rogue consider a in-game Rogue Leveling Guide for the most effective (fastest) leveling.

Why? With thousands of quests and a million mobs to grind the trip to 110 in Legion can take a while. A long while. An in-game leveling guide will (almost) automate the whole leveling path for your Rogue.

Even if you pay the $60 to boost to 100 you’ll still want those lest ten levels.

Start from any level and use Zygor’s to blast to the finish. Heck, you can even grab a few levels in the dungeons and battleground PvP. Zygor’s guide will figure out your new level and the best spot to continue your questing.

Pick your starting point and the guide will show you where to go and what to do. It automatically updates and advances as you complete tasks and quests, sets a waypoint arrow automatically (always showing you where to go next,) and includes all the important quest info. You will probably never need to look at your quest log again, much less stop mid-play to browse some website.

Note: Zygor’s is always quickly updated to the latest patches and expansions, whether it’s Legion or whatever comes after that. Grab your copy now and hit that level cap ASAP.

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  22 Responses to “The Rogue Leveling Guide for Warlords”

  1. Why humans do not get nerfed on that stupid racial

    • Probably because Blizz wants to make sure enough people are actually playing humans. At least that’s what I heard regarding something similar in a different game.

  2. Thanks so much for all the info! You actually made playing my rogue more enjoyable!

  3. Perfect article ! Thank you it helps me a lot

  4. i just put dancing steel on my heirlooms. since enchants scale now you can use what ever you like on heirlooms.

  5. “Which races can be Rogues?

    Most of them, even Pandarens. the only exceptions are the Tauren and Draenei. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s the horns.”

    Just thought I’d chime in on this – those two races can’t be rogues because they have hooves, and hooves just aren’t sneaky!

  6. Forgot also to ask what spec is the best for a Rogue-newbie ? 🙂

  7. I rolled a new Blood Elf Rogue. It’s my second one, lol.
    I deleted the first one a while ago, that was lvl 30 or something because 1 click on a spell and boom I had almost no Energy anymore.. When I had to fight more mops than 1 at the same time I couldn’t do a thing because of the lack of Energy.

    My question: how do you rogue players manage it with the Energy; so that it won’t lower that fast ?

    I also have problems to get behind a target to Ambush it.

    Maybe also a suggestion for this ? I really want to learn play a Rogue. Besides druid it’s the only class I can’t play well.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hey Ingrid,

      I have two lev 90 Belf Rogues… 🙂

      To Any spec works as a leveling spec, but Combat might be easiest just because of better energy return early on. As far as energy, you learn to pause occasionally. Much like an enforced cooldown.

      Getting behind is easy. Early on, just run up and hack. When you get sap (level 12) you sneak up, sap, get behind, and hit. If you take the Subterfuge talent at 15 you can sap to ambush to eviscerate (or cheap shot, at lev 30) all in stealth. Sap is your friend, make good use of it. If you take Shadow Focus that initial ambush will cast a LOT less energy. At lev 60 Cloak and Dagger and Shadowstep will both put you right behind the target.

      Rogues have sap, gouge, blind, kidney and cheap shots, and a few others specific to the individual builds. Use them to control the enemy and set yourself up, which is really what Rogues are about.

  8. You might mention n the gear section that at 85 you can go to Pearlfin Village, to the Adventuring Gear vendor, and buy 372 MoP greens for every slot. Total cost is around 600g, and it gets your average ilvl high enough to use the Dungeon Finder immediately.

    • Very good point. There are several of those vendors throughout MoP. I think it also explains why the M of P gear tends to be so cheap on the AH, at least on Emerald Dream. I’ll add it in, thanks.

  9. *Bump* What about those starter addons? Also maybe something about when you should use other poisons and examples? Thanks.

  10. What about starter additions?

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